Six Months of Service (Matthew J. Kalish) 

Sgt. Mellinger said:

I've had PFC Kalish in our squad ever since he passed BCT. He has proven to be an important member of the squad since he got here. Before he became our resident Combat Engineer, he was an excellent rifleman. I remember giving him the optic every chance I could to see how many kills this man could rack up. Even if he didn't have an optic, he could still perform exceptionally well. He could hit shots from hundreds of yards away and be a killing machine in close quarters combat. After he got promoted, he quickly filled in the role of being one of our Combat Engineers. He can hit some pretty decent shots after some training and is getting better with each drill. Since he has just passed his first six months in the unit, I guess it is time to award him his 1st AoCC. Congratulations PFC Kalish, I hope to see myself writing another one of these six months from now.


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