Squad Hipfire Accuracy

As it turns out, every weapon in the game has a PRESET CONSISTENT point on the screen, usually below the point of aim by a fair bit, where the first bullet from hipfire will basically ALWAYS go.

The accuracy is essentially just a bit worse than iron sight accuracy to around 150 meters.

Below is a video with initial tests.

Squad Hipfire Shot Placement initial tests


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    Initial findings

    Most rifles have first shot hipfire points of aim (HPOA) in around the same place as the m4, which is below the ADS point of aim by a fair margin, and slightly to the right at close ranges.


    US DMR - First shot hipfire is almost exactly equal to ADS point of aim, significantly higher than the m4. This trait is NOT shared by any other DMR

    MEDIUM MACHINE GUNS - WHEN STANDING OR CROUCHING First shot hipfire hits significantly low and left of the m4 HPOA, second hipfire shot hits almost exactly at m4 HPOA. WHEN PRONE HPOA mirrors m4 HPOA

    C7A2 - First shot hits VERY HIGH of m4 HPOA, just below ADS point of aim.

    C14 Timberwolf - Similar to C7A2

    ALL TRIPOD STABILIZED SMALL ARMS - HPOA is nearly exactly at center of screen.

  • Ranging on rifles does not change the HPOA, even when bipoded.

    Easy way to find the HPOA on the m4

    FOR IRON SIGHTS: ADS, and zoom in using shift. Your HPOA is down the middle of your screen, situated just barely below where the rear sight ring meets the laser sight.

    FOR COMP SIGHT: ADS, and zoom in using shift. Your HPOA is just barely below the tip of the front iron sight's middle post.

    FOR M150 SIGHT: ADS. and zoom in using shift. your HPOA is just barely below the 600m marker on the sight.

    Something to note is that this point is fixed to a pixel on your screen, it is not actually tied to any particular part on your sight. This means that having the spot on your screen covering the target when you are zoomed will NOT result in you hitting that target. The HPOA is a pixel on your screen where your first bullet is more or less bound to go on the unaimed shot, with a slight cone.

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    Every launcher has the same HPOA as the m4 with similar accuracy to being aimed. Important to note is that some launchers are more accurate than others fired this way. The RPG-29 has almost perfect hipfired accuracy, whereas normal RPGs tend to be less so, for example.

    However, the HPOA is ONLY reliable for the DEFAULT RANGE of the given launcher.

    This means that for Tandem RPGs, hipfiring beyond 50 meters is a grueling task, as the drop is massive.

    Also worth reminding is that you cannot change your HPOA just by changing your sighting range. The HPOA ALWAYS uses the default range. (ie, 100 m for HEAT, 50 m for Tandem RPGs)

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