So, as most know ive been around a awhile within the community. There was a game back around 2006-2007 a game called Zombie master.
Alot of us old 29thers played this game alot, i found that they brought back the game and its called Zombie Master Beta 2. last update was October 2019. I have installed this mod for HL2, and it still works. It would be awesome to get more 29ther install this game, server can range from 6-24 people. 1 person is zombie master and controllers the map like a rts style spawning in zombies and doing different map abilities. The survivors try and complete objectives threw the map to win. at the end of round there will be a new zombie master.

I loved this game, its amazing. I would like to try and get a group back up playing this game. Check if it out. if interested download it add me on friends and lets try and get a few people together for a match and enjoy a good time of zombies and laid back game play.



  • I remember that game it was really fun to play with 29th'ers back in the day. Imagaine left for dead but with the zombie side playing as an RTS and the survivors as a FPS.

  • it would be pretty neat to plan a night and get a few of us together. checked servers a few times over the past few weeks and most ive really seen is between 1-4 people playing at any time.

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