Red Dead Redemption 2 (PC)

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It's probably belated but if anyone plays Red Dead Online on PC (I think I saw T5 Zim and 1Lt. Bergstorm with their RDR2 screenshots) and looking for casual company to walk hunt or whatever other casual things, come give me a game invitation.

It'd be nice to play with you all. It'd be like the fathers/grandfathers of the first blues & grays.
And we probably can use some uniform and all. Since there are some military clothings in the game.


  • I used to do RDR2 Online allot.
    Think I got over level 100.
    Made myself an Union Uniform. Was nice!

  • Kurnshaw, I am going to download the game today and start playing it, hit me up on Steam anytime and I'll join you.

    PFC Brady

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    Definitely. The online has been lacking content for a while now, but my character still has a very long way ahead of him.
    I would love it if anyone wants to join in making money by killing cute helpless wildlife and selling their body parts :smiley:

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