Winter Break Minecraft

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My squad was tasked to find stuff for us to do together during the break. Someone randomly said Minecraft, and I was like, yeah let's do that. So now I am going to be hosting a Minecraft server throughout the month.

The server will first open up when Company drills would be this Sunday (4 p.m. EST). You should also join the TeamSpeak because Minecraft is cooler if you don't have to type.

This server is for 29th members only, sorry if your friends wanted to join, just can't trust they have the 29th etiquette. Speaking of which, the rules for this:
1. Don't Grief. I don't expect it to happen, but for that one troll reading this, don't do it. It is bad for everyone.
2. Have fun. This server is meant for all 29th members that enjoy Minecraft, or are looking into giving it another shot.

Server Info:
This will be a vanilla survival world in 1.16.4 (latest release). I'm not going to be doing anything crazy to this one, just pure vanilla, plain and simple.
If you are interested in doing this, please leave a "1" in chat so I can get a good scope of how many people are doing this. You can still join even if you didn't put a "1"
IP will be posted this Sunday as I have not bought the server yet.
If you have any questions feel free to PM me or ask in this chat.



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