Winter Break Minecraft



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    btw, how long will the server be up? Ill be pretty busy at work next week due to the holiday.

    Edit: nvm im just dumb and didnt see your earlier reply

  • The time has come my friends!

    The server is now up, here is the IP:

    If you aren't sure how to get to this spot, just run your game, click multiplayer and then click add server then paste the IP address into Server Address. Once this is complete select done. There should now be a server in the menu. If you are unable to join, try restarting your game and if problems persist let me know.

    If possible, come join the TS. We will be in Room 4 because there is room 4 everyone. ba dum tss

  • We now have a steam group chat!!!

  • Because of steam chat not being as cool as discord, we have moved over to discord. Permanent invite link here:

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