LFG - The Division 2

Hi folks!

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I have been looking for a group of people to play some missions in The Division 2! I've been playing this game and I'm hooked. However, playing as a lone wolf or with the occasional stranger ain't so fun, therefore I would enjoy the company of likeminded clansmen who would like the challenge to play the impossible Raids which can be done with a party of up to 8 people!

Not only the Raids, but also the manhunts, which in this season we're hunting a rogue agent - Faye Lau. There's also the Summit and Kenly College expeditions that came available.

Whoever has the game and is at least level 30, send me an invite through Ubisoft Connect (former Uplay) - my nick is "AlexMenendez". In these times of quarantine, it would be good to play a casual game, just for the fun of it, and enjoy the company of our fellow members. I intend to play tomorrow, and all members are welcome, from Charlie to Easy Company.

See ya there,


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