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    If anyone else is interested in getting into the beta, but you gotta be a real beta tester, so looking for bugs, floating assets and such. Than contact me here via PM if you are interested.

  • good news, they are opening some servers this weekeend!

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  • Do we have any testers (you are probably one of them @SSgt. Veld) that could compare pre-purchasing RO2 and RS2 because I did the mistake on getting into RO2 too early as soon as it came out and it was so unfinished. In what condition RS2 will be in a month? Do you recommend getting it asap or waiting?

  • Even though the beta had some issues, it was still allot of fun. And at the moment, the game is ready to be pre-purchased already and even is 25% off (deluxe edition even)! So that's just 20 euro's! And 20 euro's for a brand new RO/RS game is a good deal. And with pre-purchasing you get automatically access to the final closed beta weekend before launch. So if you are still not satisfied after that weekend you can still refund it. But it's just 20 euro's right now! More than worth it even if it still will hold bugs at launch!

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    @PFC Tuomainen Well i have played all the closed betas they did and i consider they still have job to do , in my opinion is not ready to be released already ,although the last beta didnt had all the bugs from the previews,but i still want the game and 20euros is a really good price , so i am in

  • Thanks for your comments @SSgt. Veld & @PFC Alan! Btw, has the release date been published? Because I swear the store page said just second ago May 30th but now it says Q2 2017...

  • @PFC Tuomainen i saw 30 of may too , but i saw another that say 19 of may dont know who trust

  • Release date is not known yet, and never look at other sites beside the official website of a game and the steam store page for a release date.

  • @Ssgt.Veld when I bought it it says 30 of may

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    Closed Beta Wave 7 starts Thursday, May 11th!

    TWI is still sending out beta keys to those on the mailing list as well as their business partners will be sharing the keys. But those pre-purchasing the game will have the access to this beta wave as well.

  • Wave 7 update is live

  • can i pre-purchase and get into the Beta today?

  • But just a heads up @Sgt. Murray, beta will end on Monday already.

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    Streamed some yesterday:

    So far there are some improvements but i still noticed old bugs that are still present, like the invisible head bug when someone is on the static mg's, the M-79 sometimes loads smoke or HE even if you did not change the ammo type using the C key.

  • So, I've been looking around, but how many 64 player maps is this game shipping with on launch?

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    So far they got five 64 player maps, than 3 Skirmish maps. Maybe they still got some maps they are working on internally we don't know about. I believe RS also launched with just 5 maps and RS2 with 9. But mappers are already working on maps so custom maps also will become a thing after launch.

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    Pass on the news! RS2 will be going into OPEN BETA this weekend until Monday (so its like a Free Weekend)! And on the 30th of May it will be released!


  • So far from what I've played the games seems to have gone down an even more arcadey venture than Ro2. Not really a big fan of its current state.

  • Also the VNese voice acting makes the game
    L I T E R A L L Y U N P L A Y A B L E
    for me

  • @PFC Thomas You get used but yeah you cant take serious those guys ,they seem retarded or something,i think Vietnamese people would be offended if they see that

  • @PFC Alan said:
    @PFC Thomas You get used but yeah you cant take serious those guys ,they seem retarded or something,i think Vietnamese people would be offended if they see that

    I'm Vietnamese
    L I T E R A L L Y U N P L A Y A B L E

  • @PFC Thomas oh haha i see , yeah you will have to mutate them or play without game voices xD

  • Some fixes maybe they fixed the voices @PFC Thomas

    And since Open Beta ended the team has continued to work towards squashing many bugs. The following list covers many of them that should be fixed in the launch build:

    New Additions
    Non-English language support! Players can now enjoy Rising Storm 2: Vietnam in French, German, Spanish, and Portuguese-Brazil. To select a language, right click on the game in your steam library and select a language from the ‘Language’ tab.
    Rising Storm 2: Vietnam Steam trading cards are now available. Collect the whole set!

    Major Changes
    Stats Wipe for pre-release players - thank you to everyone who participated in the Closed Alpha, Closed Beta and Open Beta waves! Based on the level of progression observed in the Beta, the leveling thresholds have been altered to make leveling in RS2: Vietnam a challenging and rewarding experience. Player stats and achievements have been wiped and all players will begin again at the same level on May 30th.

    General Changes & Updates
    Motion blur has been removed from the settings menu. This will provide for a much smoother play experience. [i](Should you wish to turn motion blur back on, you may do so by editing an .ini file directly. The .ini file is called ROEngine.ini and is located under your “My Games” Rising Storm directory. Once in the .ini file, search for the word “blur” and change the line MotionBlur = False to MotionBlur = True)
    Increased the distance at which players can disarm traps
    Made it easier to pick up dropped weapons when playing online

    Prevented an exploit where players using the DShK at C on Hill 937 could see and fire at helicopters taking off from the helicopter base
    Prevented players on top of the water tower on Cu Chi from sniping players at US spawn
    Increased the NVA reinforcements counter from 330 to 500 on Hill 937
    Added 32 and 64 player reinforcement counts for the Territories versions of Compound and Firebase
    Improved interior post-processing and lighting on building interiors in Hue City

    Adjusted suppression indicators to increase their visibility
    Modified the helicopter resupply icon for greater clarity
    Changed the flamethrower tank ammo icon to match the tank design of the M9A1 flamethrower
    Removed pre-launch materials from the main menu

    Improved bullet cracks and whiz sounds and functionality
    Adjusted the radius of explosion sound effect for the surface-to-air missile to make it play at a longer range

    Bug Fixes
    Fixed a crash on launch that was affecting some users

    We believe we have fixed the notorious ‘sprint zoom’ bug. We are interested to hear further reports if players still encounter this
    Fixed an issue where destroying a helicopter engine did not reduce the engine’s RPM
    Fixed an issue where MD82 mines were prone to being set off by the player who had planted them, when firing weapons near the mines
    Fixed an issue where Huey Co-Pilots could not right click to send the ‘get out’ message
    Fixed an issue where Huey Pilots would receive team kills when the helicopter crashed due to enemy weapons fire if passengers were killed
    Fixed an issue where players were force-spawned before hitting ‘Join’

    Fixed an issue on Cu Chi where spawns and combat area volumes would break if the US failed to capture Objective F on the first round of a match
    Fixed an issue where a floor inside a shed on Cu Chi was not rendering at long distances, allowing players to easily see enemies trying to take cover inside
    Increased the draw distance on the sides of the rubber factory on Cu Chi
    Fixed additional snags and collision issues across all maps
    Fixed an area of the tunnels in Hue City where players could see through the map while prone
    Fixed an issue where players were being blocked by invisible collision on the balcony of Objective B on Hue City
    Fixed an issue on Hue City where a balcony was unintentionally tall and prevented players from shooting over the parapet
    Fixed a visual bug where running up a sloped tunnel in Hue City would cause players to appear to bounce up the slope
    Fixed various mantling and LMG deployment issues with sandbags on Hue City
    Fixed an area where players could fall through the floor in Objective B on Hue City
    Fixed an area of Song Be where players could prone underwater
    Fixed an issue where players could spawn under the map on Hill 937
    Fixed various gaps between map boundary volumes on Hill 937
    Fixed various areas on Hill 937 where helicopters could fly and land out-of-bounds
    Fixed an exploit on Hill 937 where players could move through a blocked tunnel entrance with no collision and see under the map
    Fixed the draw distance on environment assets in objective A on An Lao Valley
    Fixed an area of An Lao Valley where players could become permanently stuck
    Fixed various holes in the terrain across An Lao Valley and Cu Chi
    Fixed the draw distance on a tunnel mesh on Cu Chi which allowed players to see under the map when approaching Objective E
    Fixed an issue where players were unable to run or mantle over a log blocking a path on Song Be
    Added a missing tunnel icon on Hill 937
    Fixed an issue where one tunnel on Hill 937 was darker than all other tunnels on the overhead map
    Fixed various floating objects across all maps

    Fixed an issue where FXAA anti-aliasing would not cause any noticeable difference to the game’s graphics
    Fixed a bug where all characters were set to an incorrect (low) level of detail when viewed at close range. This was seen during Open Beta
    Fixed an issue where disabling Anti-Aliasing would break the character customization screen in various ways
    Fixed a ‘light bleeding’ issue primarily visible on interiors on Hue City
    Fixed an issue where objects would briefly disappear and then reappear on the transition between LODs, primarily seen on Cu Chi
    Fixed lighting issues on various meshes found on Cu Chi
    Fixed an issue where Northern Pawns would run with two hands on the weapon with one arm clipping through their body
    Fixed an issue where the second floor of the rubber factory on Cu Chi would not display shadows
    Deleted several development placeholder packages which has significantly reduced the file size of the game
    Fixed an issue where light was bleeding through the short walls around objective C on Cu Chi
    Fixed a collision issue with wooden plank debris found on Hue City

    Fixed an issue where filters in the server browser would not display correctly
    Fixed an issue where objective icons on the deployment screen would be rendered at the wrong size
    Fixed an issue where Ammo Request icons did not scale properly on the overhead map
    Fixed an issue with the orders widget where orders would display as being issued by the enemy commander
    Fixed an issue where changing weapons while the tip widget was displayed would remove the background and make the text stay on the screen

    Removed Japanese speech from Vietnamese lines
    Fixed an issue where moving while crouched with the pick mattock would cause the player’s footsteps to be silent
    Fixed an issue where shooting enemies would not cause them to play ‘wounded’ sounds and voice lines
    Fixed an issue where the impact of projectiles from the Spooky’s miniguns could be heard further away than artillery explosions
    Fixed a bug where headshot and body shot impact audio would sometimes not play

    Miscellaneous Fixes & Updates
    Fixed an issue where the achievement ‘The Gang Solves the North Vietnam Problem’ would not unlock for the correct squad
    Fixed a log warning caused by improper usage flags set on the Glass material
    Fixed a log warning caused by the M79 projectile’s collision
    Fixed a log warning for the Signal Smoke grenade
    Changed the name of the IZH-43 to the IZH-58
    Fixed an issue where build increments would not prevent players from selecting servers running different builds
    Fixed an issue where Tree Canopy Volumes would rapidly break and then repair helicopter rotors
    Removed the word ‘STUUUUUF’ from the server browser as the translators were having problems with it...

    Optimization Passes
    Fixed a log spam issue caused by VOIP that would affect game performance
    Fixed an issue where Squad leaders not viewing the ‘Rally Here’ icon would receive log spam and would affect game performance

    Web Admin
    The Webadmin header no longer displays as ‘Red Orchestra 2’
    Fixed an issue where 50% of kicks via Webadmin resulted in a client side crash for the player being kicked
    Defaulted friendly fire damage and kill limits to zero
    Prevented training maps from appearing in the ‘GameType’ field
    Fixed an issue where modifying the welcome screen would untick ‘Enable Screen’ option on saving the new message

  • The audio isn't about the sounds or the language.
    It's the fact that they use Southern dialect for the Northerner-dominated NVA and forced dialect on the Viet Cong.
    Also doesn't help that a 40-50ish guy moans "I'm just a boy! I'm just a boy" while he bleeds out. And don't get me started on the tattoos.
    While I think the game in this state is entertaining on it's own, the immersion feels more like Call of Duty Black Ops, which btw has one of the best VNese voice acting in a video game I've ever experienced.

  • Honestly @PFC Thomas don't like the characterization, I think is useless, anyway you will get shot and you will have a big hole in your fancy tattoo xd

  • 15 minutes and we're off to Vietnam!

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