Permanent Ban - Captain K. - AIMBOT HACK

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ROID: 76561197980110919

Which Game were you banned on: Darkest Hour 44-45

Why were you banned: On July 22nd the map Operation Omaha was in rotation, and I had the luxury of the Machine Gunner class for Axis forces. There are a total of five active Machine Gunner classes which all had nearly the same score range as myself when this was map was in rotation for 45 minutes, we had only 5 minutes left on the map before I was banned.

The allied forces failed to seize the beachhead, their forces literally RUNNING into our continuously teamwork fueled MG42 fire.

I was set up beside the East Bunker where there is a large ammo pile which if you ever melt your MG barrel.. you can resupply; then have more. Players were accusing me of hacking and others defended me, but at the end of the day I was banned without warning. I don't hack, I have 397 active hours, with evidence to back. I play regularly in addition to plenty of other games:

See for yourself:

[Image proof that I have 397 hours in this game dedicated.]

[The collective score I had using the MG class was a total of 220, which if we break down mathematically speaking with ammo resupplys for fellow Machine gunners in bunkers **on the map Omaha, which is 10 point bonuses easily for each time you press B and resupply an MG42.]**

Further proof:

I literally game all day. For a living. I have indeed unfortunately had bans in the past for teamkilling on accident, but this has been random and out of place, which I have no clue why I was banned when I DO NOT HACK. I dedicate my life to this, to cheat is to dishonor which I am not about. I can prove I do not cheat, but I still feel I was banned without fair judgment with others on my team were doing JUST AS GOOD as the MG class.

Why should you be unbanned: Simply put, I DON'T HACK. As I have stated before, there is the evidence to prove. I have indeed stood responsible for the consequences of my actions that lead to my prior ban. However this time I feel this is circumstance is not fair because I have been falsely accused which makes me upset after all my hard work and determination in the community and game itself that is DH and the 29th. :( Please unban me because I am not a cheater and I love gaming, I love Darkest Hour, obviously I would not devote that many hours into it.


  • Funny that last time you disputed your ban, you put in the basics. Now, you get really in depth to prove how much you aren't hacking...

    Curious that you mention that a lot of people mentioned that it seemed you were hacking, because that's in fact what you were doing (aimbots with an MG are incredibly obvious). Also, this is the 4th time you've been banned from our servers. Last time you disputed your ban, it was said that the next one would be permanent.

    Permanently banned for hacking

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