[Civil Affairs] AAR of the Month! - August 2015

With men of the 29th ID deployed on several fronts and indeed 2 different periods of history there is plenty of fighting going on, and it would be impossible for any one soldier to keep up with it all! Luckily the field reporters of Civil Affairs Office are there to keep us informed on the best moments of the action from August as seen through their eyes:

This report was found on the person of Sgt. Ruslan Kochnev of the 22nd Mechanized Battalion, 2nd squad, 3rd Army, Russian Defense Force. It describes the events of 8-16-15 and the escape of Charlie Company from deep inside enemy territory after their Chinook was shot down. (Rough translation)

Explosions reported in the mountain range north of Zaros. Second Squad of the 22nd Mechanized Battalion has been sent to investigate. We are being accompanied by Comrade Artyom in his MI-88 Hind.

Plan was to have foot mobiles in a GAZ investigate crash site, have the BMP crew patrol the area around Xrolimini Dam; if BMP comes into contact, have the GAZ infantry surround enemy to the north.

Arrived at the site of the reported explosions, downed helicopter and lots of damaged gear. This might have been a supply run gone wrong. Moved south to investigate reported movement. BMP crew at Xrolimini dam, ordered to engage enemies on sight.

Contacts sighted, moving to engage.

Contacts moving through an open field. Men instructed to open fire.

2123 to 2130:
Multiple enemies killed. No friendly casualties. Approximately half of the enemies took up positions on rocks to the west of our original position, the other half began to run east through the elephant grass.

After clearing the rocks and the barn, second squad mounted up and moved south-east with the BMP crew.

The Hind was hit in the tail rotor and went down. The pilot was evacuated to base safely.

Enemy was spotted moving into Zaros. BMP crew sent to investigate.

Enemy helicopter spotted over Katalaki bay moving southbound. Remaining enemy force thought to be moving towards Drimes. Entirety of friendly force ordered to search the Zaros bay area.

Enemy helicopter spotted landing north of Drimes. BMP crew ordered to move and eliminate.

Helicopter destroyed and enemy force eliminated.

Casualty & Equipment Destruction/Damage Report:
x1 GAZ destroyed
x15 enemy foot soldiers KIA
x1 MI-88 Hind severely damaged
x4 Enemy pilots and/or crew KIA
x1 Enemy Ghost Hawk helicopter destroyed
x43 BMP Main gun rounds expended
x6 Red flares launched
x12 MI-88 rockets used

This is a captured letter from a German soldier from Stalingrad, translated to English.
This letter proves that the battle of Stalingrad is not going well for the Germans, unlike what the propaganda says.

Dear Sister,
How is your work at the field hospital? They say that you are running out of morphine and other medical supplies. If you need more, ask Gefr. Heinze. He is a good friend of mine who works with the convoys, and he is the brother of the officer in charge.
If you need any more supplies, tell him that you are my sister and I'm sure that he will be more than happy to help.
My unit has been moved to Stalingrad. I'm happy to help my comrades take the city which bears the name of that communist pig. It would be interesting to write stories to you, as I have not seen any newspapers write about the Battle of Stalingrad in great detail. Unlike the propaganda which says we are winning, I'm here to tell you the a real story of what's happening.
Just like our father said, "History is written by the victors, the generals, the politicians, yet the real story is told by the soldiers, their stories may never be forgotten".
I'll write you as soon as I can. Tell Heinze to get his lazy ass back to war.

Battle of Stalingrad first entry
I have entered the city of Stalingrad; or what is left of it. It seems that the Luftwaffe have done a very good job at reducing the city to nothing more than a pile of bricks, and the artillery is bombarding targets every day with great precision.
The communists are so desperate, I saw them rushing MG positions with their bayonets.
The commander tells me not to worry, as we will take the city in just a few more days.
Here is a quote from a German machine gunner: "the Ivans keep on coming and coming, this is already the third barrel I've broken".
I'm happy to see the fighting spirit of these men.

Battle of Stalingrad second entry
The Russians launched a massive assault, I'm trapped with my comrades at a small district called "Odessa". It's a living hell, it's like the stories our father told us.
We have to fight for every millimeter of ground, losing man after man in the process of being pushed back. All of our progress has been lost, and the enemy comes so close. Sometimes it's better to throw my helmet than it is to shoot my gun.

Battle of Stalingrad third entry
We've lost half of our platoon. There are only 2 truppen left: Teufelshunde and Piraten. I was ordered to join the counter attack to get us out of here, but all of our men, myself included, were very tired. We had little food and water left and almost no ammunition reserves so this attack had to succeed!

The orders for the Piraten was to go to the apartment buildings, whilst we were ordered to go down the road to the park. It was scary - the road had become known as "Sniper Valley" over the last weeks fighting.
The tension was high between the men, and I asked one why he was so jumpy. He told me that there was rumours of a traitor in the platoon; brainwashed by Soviet propaganda. I was shocked. How can this happen? How can you ever betray one of your comrades?
We were making our way down the road when we got a message from the Pirates. They said that they met a lot of enemy resistance. My Truppenfuhrer ordered us to hold the street until further orders. I hid under a balcony, crawling between the rubble, until I spotted a few Russians.
I shot one of them right in his behind, but he did not seem to care and kept on running. Then, I spotted a high ranking Russian. I was nervous when I took the shot, so I just missed him.
Suddenly, we heard a hail gunshots, and soldiers were dropping everywhere. I didn't realise it at the time, but the Truppenfuhrer was the traitor!
Then, someone of my squad saw that it was the Truppenfuhrer so he shot him and the street fell silent. After this, we Teufelshunde were completely wiped out, and it was only me and another ObGfr. left. We decided to carry out a different plan: go to the park and sneak through the Russian lines.
Most of the Russians were creeping along behind us after breaking the assault up North, so we thought our way might be clear, but it was not so. As I was crawling through the rubble, I spotted a sniper in the building overlooking "Snipers valley".
I shot at him and missed again! After re-bolting, he was looking right at me. Just milliseconds later, I shot him in the head after he had just missed me. We barely escaped; it was a very close call. I must stop writing now, night is falling and we must somehow find our way back to our company before Ivan finds us.

We'll see you again in a month with more selected reports from RO2, Arma3 and Darkest Hour!

Written by: PFC de Crom and PFC Bishop
Edited by: PFC Beyer and Pvt. Bruce
Approved by: Sgt. Lamb


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