[Operation Corps] Darkest Hour Scrims are Back!

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Public Scrimmage

Greetings men and heroes of the 29th!

This Sunday on the Battalion server, September 20th at 6 PM Eastern, I and the rest of the good chaps at Operations invite you to participate in a Public Scrimmage lead by 2Lt. Perdiew of BP3! Public Scrimmages are a chance for us, as a unit, to showcase our unique brand of realism to the general public within Darkest Hour. It is these kind of events, that continue to attract new recruits into our fold. With these new recruits not only come new comrades to share a gaming experience with but a whole variety of new ideas and life experiences that further us as an organization immensely.

Clear your schedules, clear your appointments! Tell your wife, tell your kids, tell your neighbors, and even tell your co-workers! Because at 6 PM on Sunday this public scrimmage shall be one to remember!

For specific information on our teamspeak servers and rules of conduct, that information can be found here..

I look forward to seeing all of you in the Battalion server!

2nd Lieutenant Perdiew
Platoon Leader


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