[Civil Affairs] Lighthouse Corps Ten Years Anniversary!

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This October, we mark the 10 year anniversary of the Lighthouse Corps. As the base of the unit, this corps has been successful in recruiting and training cadets to be the next generation of 29th soldiers.

The Lighthouse Corps started its enlistment processing and training of recruits in DoD on dod_lighthouse, all the way back in 2005, and hasn’t skipped a beat since. It has brought up many members of the 29th, in fact, every notable name within the unit. From Lt. Col. Wheatley to veteran SSgt. Brewer, there is no shortage in names and training platoons which have risen from the Corps’ dedication and hard work. Some memorable TPs are the “centurions, the 100th (Cpt. Wilson), 200th, 300th, 400th, 500th, and 600th. More specifically, TPs with notable graduates include the 121st (SSgt. Brewer), 145th (MSgt. Hart), 153rd (Lt. Col. Wheatley and Cpt. Cooke), 192nd (FSgt. Lev), 246th (Cpl. Selleck), 252nd (TSgt. Balzer), and 292nd (FSgt. Hill). All training platoons, from the 112th to 280th, are kept in the archives of the old forums system.

Shortly after the release of Darkest Hour, the unit moved to the new Red Orchestra mod and has been training and drilling in the game ever since. The new game gave rise to the creation of the memorable Fort Meade map that all cadets train on before graduation. As far as what goes on behind the walls of Fort Meade, 2Lt. Jacobsson, Chief of Lighthouse Corps, had his input. “We expect our DIs and ADIs to be the best, and we want to give the cadets an experience of being yelled at. Not breaking them down, but getting them ready to be in the squad they will join. We want as many to pass as possible, someone might fail here and there attendance or POA wise, but we are benefited more if as many cadets as possible graduate.

All remained the same after the move to Darkest Hour until the fall of 2013, when a historical move was made by HQ. The unit was to split into three different games; Baker remaining in Darkest Hour, dissolving Dog Company, and assigning Able to Rising Storm and Charlie to Arma II, then to Arma III. The Lighthouse faced a difficult situation in which they needed to deal with three different games and task enlistment liaisons, DIs, and ADIs to these games. However, the Corps never had any serious lack of personnel due to its popularity in the unit.

Training in the different games varies due to different game types, engine tricks, and vehicles. While training of these aspects is different for every company, the principle of training remains constant throughout.

Although many believe that the Lighthouse only deals with recruits, 2Lt. Jacobsson proves otherwise. “We deal with anything involving recruits, but also deal with recruitment records and awards related to recruiting and weapons passes.” The Lighthouse Corps currently has 84 members, making it the largest office in the unit.

Currently, the office is headed by 2Lt. Jacobsson, who has seen two tours of duty throughout his time in the 29th, totaling three and a half years of service. He was the former captain of Able in Darkest Hour, a former platoon clerk, and DI. He originally went into reserves as an Able Clerk, but later accepted the job as Chief of Lighthouse Corps after it was offered to him. He has done tremendously well as chief and the 29th is growing like never before. A new notable accomplishment was the opening of the first GMT-based TP for Arma III on August 8th, 2015. As for his office staff, 2Lt. Jacobsson had this to say: “I would like to commemorate FSgt. Cyr, my assistant chief, Cpl. Langford my secretary, and my senior DIs SSgt. Chevarie, T/5 Järvinen, and 2Lt. Pinckney. These are all people in my office that are a great help and I can trust them to do any work I give them.

And as for the chief’s last piece of advice: “I always say if you want to have a good time, send in an application when a spot opens. It’s fun work and it really contributes to the unit as a whole. We train all cadets and they are the future of the 29th.

Written by: PFC Chamine
Edited by: SSgt. Brewer and Cpl. Langford
Approved by: Bn. S3 and CoCA


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