[Civil Affairs] AAR of the Month - Halloween Special!

Extracts from the diary of PFC Fedor Norin, guard at an unspecified Soviet research facility


The Germans surrendered today, about eight hours ago. I am in rage thinking of all my comrades I lost in the bloody battles all across this once beautiful city which will never be the same to me again, Stalingrad. My eyes fill with tears thinking of all the men that died next to me, shredded by bullets, torn apart by grenades and bombs, their bodies frozen-stiff. Those men gave their lives for the motherland, for the preservation of the way we live, to not let the fascists rule us! It is my duty to give back and by god, I will! We will march to the west into enemy territory, we will fight to the last of us and we will be victorious.


I got word from Sgt. Mayasak that our entire platoon will be put on guard duty for some kind of research facility that will be setup in the ruins of the city. Although I have no idea why they would need us to guard that, especially now that the Germans have surrendered, I have no other choice than to obey my orders. I really hoped that I would get revenge on those who caused us so much harm, so much suffering, but oh well, I guess my time will come. Until then I'll have to stay here, it'll better be over quickly.


Today we were officially deployed to a complex consisting of an alleyway with nothing but destroyed houses, a plaza with a statue of Lenin in front of it and a five-storey building which has definitely seen better days, it apparently leads to a large bunker complex in its cellar. I have no idea what they are researching down there, but I'm eager to find out.


The days here are long and there isn't much happening at all. Not much to write about, but today there was a large shipment of dead dogs. I have no clue why they would need that, but it is one of the strangest things I have seen here so far for sure. Usually they get shipments of living rats instead, tons of them. Well I still got some of the good vodka left, guess I better put it to good use...


Yesterday, late at night, I waited for any of the researchers to come out of the building. And indeed, just when I was nearly giving up, one of them showed up. Apparently he was on his way to the barracks, getting some sleep. Guess what I did? I offered him some of the vodka, we sat down and talked a bit. I began asking some casual questions, who he was, where he's from and so on. It turned out that I was quite a bit lucky since the guy presented himself as Dr. Ovechkin, a somewhat high-ranking researcher here. We drank a bit more and then I began asking what they are doing down there, a shame he had a bit too much and couldn't really talk in full sentences anymore, but from what I understood, the are researching stuff like the 'effects of chemicals and high current on deceased bodies', 'biological warfare' and the 'revival of organisms'. This place is creeping me out more and more, I'll tell you that!


Today I was finally put on guard duty inside the bunker itself and I couldn't believe what my eyes saw! There is a hallway which goes one for hundreds of meters with doors every twenty meters, some of them have windows on the side, some turning points here and there leading to another wing. Out of interest I stopped at one of the windows and had a look. I must've stared for at least fifteen minutes. There were two researchers injecting something into a body of a deceased dog which was connected to some kind of electric device. At first there wasn't much happening but then, after about five minutes, the body began to shake in a weird way. Some more minutes passed with them doing some experiments, taking notes and then I thought I was in a dream or something. The 'dead' body got up, walked around, barked and fell to the ground after three minutes. This was the point when I had to start patrolling again, otherwise I would've watched much longer. Was what I saw real?


I was on duty to control the incoming trucks today. They had a very strange shipment consisting of hundreds of dead German soldiers, already decaying. I held back my urge to gag and let them through. Late at night some more trucks showed up, this time having German prisoners of war inside of them, at least fifty of them, alive of course. I made sure the drivers were at the right facility - which they were - so I had to let them through as well. I tell you whatever is going on here it won't have a happy ending for all of us!


A few days ago I asked Sgt. Mayasak if he couldn't transfer me to another platoon, denied. Great, so I have to stay here.


Today I was on guard duty inside the bunker again. This time though I had to stay inside one of the labs, guarding an experiment on a dead German soldier lead by Dr. Nikulin, one of the other leading scientists here. Whatever they need me for, I thought to myself, this isn't good. Again, they connected him to some kind of electric device and injected some substance into the body. After a few minutes it began to shake, they took notes and continued their experiments. Then it happened. This ... thing got up very slowly. I couldn't believe what I saw. It screamed something that sounded like 'BRAINS!' and attacked Dr. Nikulin. It ripped him apart like a wolf would tear a sheep. It was horrible to watch. I never saw something like it and I thought I've seen it all. After a few seconds of starring I realized that I had a PPSH with me ... I aimed it at that things chest and unloaded ten rounds - it didn't show the slightest effect. After backing up a few steps I just sprayed at that living corpse, somehow I hit the head and it dropped down instantly. We got out of the lab and ran down the hallway. All I could hear was 'BRAINS!'. They must've done those experiments all over the place. Most of my platoon and myself assembled at the top of the building itself, on the order of Sgt. Mayasak, setting up there with our SMGs, waiting for those things, which one researcher called 'zombies', that's what we call them from now one as well. Everyone of us had to guard a stairway and shoot everything that came up. We did that for almost two hours, killing hundreds of those zombies until it stopped. We were sure that there were hundres more of them. For now we are waiting here. Noone knows what to do exactly and we are running out of ammo...


We spent the night up there without closing an eye, without any food and water and all we could hear from downstairs is that terrible 'BRAINS!'. We decided to make our way to the streets, in the hope of finding some supplies. Sgt. Mayasak was the one who lead our chrage, killing dozens of the zombies on his way. There were a lot of scientists amongst them which I recognized – that must mean anyone they kill becomes one of them. Great, as if living corpses chasing after you wanting to eat your brain wasn't bad enough already.

Finally we were able to get to the streets even though we lost some good men to those zombies. Nearly everyone from my platoon hasn't got any ammo for his primary gun left, so most of us are fighting with pistols right now. The good thing is that we could make it to one of the baracks, were we found a lot of canned food and bottled water. We will stay here for the night, trying to defend ourselves, trying to make a plan to get out of here alive!


First Entry

During our defence in the night we burnt through our ammo so quickly that we need to find more of it immediately. Luckily some of our guys were tasked with running to the armory which is inside a building that used to be a hotel before the war so they know the way. Unfortunately it is on the opposite side of the street. Wish us luck!


Second Entry

I can't even tell you how my heart was beating when we were running through the hordes of the undead, this terrible 'BRAINS!' was louder then ever. Only fifteen of us made it inside the hotel, the others were either forced to seek shelter inside another building or the zombies got them right there on the street. They chased us up here on the upper floor but luckily we found tons of ammo and supplies indeed. We are holding the corridors without too much of trouble. I guess we'll stay here for days!


There was just some kind of alarm going on. Apparently there is a plane on its way to get any survivors out. We'll better hurry to get there. This might be our last chance!

04-05-1943 Or is it? No idea, lost count of time

We didn't catch the plane. It got up into the air without us which means we are bound to die here, there is no way for us to escape. Why am I talking of 'us'? I am the only one who was able the seek shelter inside the sewers, the only one who wasn't killed by the zombies chasing us. The entire area is being bombed right now, again, I can hear it. Guess they don't ever want anyone to know what happened here. I have no food or water left, nothing but a few bullets for my pistol and on top of it I got bitten. My skin is already turning pale and I'm feeling sicker than ever before. I never thought that I would die that way but I see no other way. I'm not turning into one of them. Goodbye.

Written by: PFC Ullmann
Edited by: Sgt. Lamb and Cpl. Langford
Approved by: CoCA

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