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  • PFC Bruneau: Warrant Officer, we cant post the AAR

    WO1 Wimpfheimer: Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmm, I'm sorry?

  • PFC Cassano: in what year did ww2 end PTS
    Sgt. Svenson: PTS
    PFC de Crom: PTS
    Cpl Knez: PTS
    A few more mebers of AP1: PTS
    PFC Cassano: Sgt. Greanted
    Sgt. Svenson: "1944"

  • Sgt. Svenson [29ID]: Wanna come along for Scrim Day?
    PFC Stach [29ID]: sure thing
    Sgt. Svenson [29ID]: Sweet
    PFC Stach [29ID]: What is password again?
    Sgt. Svenson [29ID]: hehe

  • end of platoon drill: Starts lining up for CORD's.
    arty kills the platoon
    Starts ling up in the same spot
    SSgt. Novak [29ID]: if you don't line up fast we will blow up again.

  • "Glorious Victorious! There is a keg of beer for the four of us! Praise be God that there are no more of us, or one of us would drink it all alone!" -One More Drink for the Four of Us cadence

  • Why did i choose Electrician - My whole class

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    Pvt. Talito, "There are no Latin words for Stir Fry so. . . "

  • Pvt. Bailey: I hope that there is space in your squad for me
    T/4 Ceglar: Yeah there is, I just discharged half of our PFC's 10 minutes ago.


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    Me: I would like to request a name change
    MSgt. Conrad: I will approve it if you change to Cheese
    Me: Don't tempt me, I'm still a degenerate memer
    MSgt. Conrad: Sergeanto Cheese
    Me: Jesus Christ

  • "I actively suck" -Cpl Pepper

  • During pubbing in RS2

    Cpl. Knez was eating something.
    Question came "What are you eating?"
    The answer that followed was "My squad leader"
    Quite hilarious at the time.

  • "If I kill everyone I can't lose!"

    -Sgt. Bruneau after killing 3 friendlies and 1 enemy with a flamethrower

  • "Air is everywhere" - SSgt. Dethfield

    High IQ

  • "I know I can pin down a corgi." -SSgt. Dethfield

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    Squad member asks how to not suck at calling enemy distances

    "Stop sucking" - Cpl. Vonk.

    Simple and effective, I like it.

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    Cpl. Hauger: Privates only.
    PFC J. Lee: Privates only?
    Cpl. Hauger: Privates only.
    PFC J. Lee: Privates only?
    Cpl. Hauger: Privates only.
    PFC J. Lee: Privates only?
    Cpl. Hauger: Privates only.
    PFC J. Lee: Privates only?
    Cpl. Hauger: Privates only.
    PFC J. Lee: Privates only?
    Cpl. Hauger: Privates only!!!!!!

  • From my military school
    Cpt. Northrup “What’s the United States Economic system?”
    Recruit. Boyals stand up in the middle of class confident as a lion

  • "It's a good stick." -Cpl. Newton

  • T/4 Frank: "My anger has no patience."

  • <20:15:01> "Falenty": brb need to go buy potates


  • "I have to use the little technicians room."

    • @T4 Erb in the midst of an intense firefight over a small French town.
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    T5 Zim: "legally I'm almost Italian"

  • WO1 Bruneau: "Oh no, the snow is on fire!"

  • Private Ortiz: Pinging Zeus repeatedly during Squad Drills
    First Sergeant Balzer: Whoever the f--- is pinging Zeus, ping again motherf----- I dare you.
    Private Ortiz: Laughing off mic

  • During map voting on a public Campaign RS2 server:
    "Vote for Resort guys, we get to crash ... constantly!" -Random pub player

  • WO1 Bruneau: "Sgt. Bren, heads or tails?"
    Sgt. Bren: "I want the butt."

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    During defensive planning prep
    PFC Chang: "OK I gotta go pee"
    PFC Boon : "Good, I'll watch you"

  • Leading the guesting team
    PFC Dawdy: "Okay, any PTS before we ready up?"
    Half a second goes by
    WO1 Bruneau has set the north to READY

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