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  • The entire squad was black, only PFC Gingras was the white soldier character
    PFC Oittinen: "Check your complexion"

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    Sitting in DP3S1 before their squad drill. Random conversations about languages and subtitles.
    Cpl. Lord: "I don't speak spuent flanish."
    Also during the same conversation,
    Pvt. Zaroj: "Do I have permission to shoot Pvt. Scovel in the nuts?"

  • Cpl. Lord: "Pvt. Scovel, why are you floating?

  • 2Lt. Ochs: Allllllright. sooooooooo PFC ____ has been with here with us for a while now.....

  • "The first round when I saw the bullets flying, that's when I realized I had a problem on my hands" - Cpl. J. Wright

  • -crashes humvee-

    Whole team from the car: "Here we go again!" -laughter-
    me: -ashamed laughter-

  • "i go away for a few days and the disappoint rolls in" -Sgt. Minor

  • "if no one is around to witness your win, did you really win?" -PFC Valiūnas

  • That is the sound of god child, he sounds Finnish so he is probably drunk

  • "I will reach through this microphone and assault an NCO"

    -a PFC

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