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    @FSgt. Hill said:
    @PFC Pruett said:

    Just sitting in chat with "almost" everyone in Charlie channel and then Cpl. Moe decided to blurt out..
    "Oh no, the herpes absorbed one of my balls."

    Oh, Moe... facepalm

    For the record, I was playing a game as an amieba type ball thing, and another one named herpes came up and absorbed one of my lititle balls. It's not like I just blurted it out for giggles.

  • While talking about the unfourtunate passing of Sir Christopher Lee with 2Lt. Jacobsson......

    Jacobsson: yeah! That sounds so british though haha, I mean, un-gentlemanly warfare, sounds like they infiltrated an enemy nation, and dressed as civilians, and then instead of holding up the door for women they slammed the door in their faces instead

  • During drill on Bridges, where every attempt at a slow attack failed, Cpl. Vlad had his advice for the whole platoon in a meeting after the drill:
    Guys, all we need to do to win is to sit back and counter snipe

  • Haven't seen this here I don't think, and it needs to be here

    "Retreat forward!" - PFC Kamol

  • PFC Warner and I talking about how great the 593rd Tp was

    "The only thing that outweighs our modesty is our badassitude" -PFC Warner

  • PFC Zenhenko: were you hiding in a glitchy trench area Sir?

    1Lt. Patterson: i was crawling through the scrubs.
    Cpl. Kim: By scrubs
    Cpl. Kim: he Means Us!

    1Lt. Patterson: I also hid in the bushes!
    PFC Zenhenko: the srubs hahaha

  • This is a quote every 29th member should read. Once posted by the great Sgt. Olson (HD'd). Original post date March 11, 2007.

    Sgt. Olson said:

    One thing that we all need to keep in mind is this: We are, every one of us, veterans-to-be & potential heroes, only needing time and experience. Everyone, right down to the rawest recruit. Think about that for a moment. How will you be remembered in two years...five...ten? As a hero and credit to the unit? Or not at all, because you just didn't make any difference? In ten years, our current roster of heroes could be gone, but their legacy won't be. Something else to ponder; when you are asked to name people in our unit, whose names come immediately to mind? The guys who rarely posted, showed up for drills, played on the servers? Of course not. It's those who make a difference. People that take charge when it hits the fan and save their buddys' asses, people that help out when there is a problem, people that have something of import to say, people who are there when they are needed. People like...me. That's right; 'me'. I'm not boasting. I'm not saying "Look at me! I'm mister frickin' wonderful!!!" I am far from perfect, but I am there. As often as I can be. Sometimes more often than I should be, given my real-life responsibilities. As sappy as it may sound, I honestly don't care what my rank or position is. It doesn't matter. What matters to me is this unit, this 'band of brothers', that took a complete stranger in and made him their own. If anybody tries putting down my unit, I'll rip him a new one and stuff it full of rifle butt. And know this: I'm not a PFC because of how long I've been with the unit, any friendship with the Cpt., or any 'mad skillz' (As anyone who has ranked me can tell). What my record shows is that I earned this rank through hard work. I made a conscious choice to 'be all I could be', and do what I can to improve this unit how I can, whenever I can. That's a choice that any of you can make, and that all of you should make. Now. Immediately. PM your SL today and ask how you can help the unit. You don't have to make it a full-time job. If you see someone with a weakness where you have a strength, offer to help them. That's not hard, is it? Get on the forums and start posting. Don't know what to say? Start by introducing yourself. Have a name that keeps getting mangled, or don't want to mangle someone else's name? Check out the pronunciation guide. Browse through the different boards and post about whatever you are interested in. Like music? Tell us about it. There are threads talking about almost everything under the sun here. Just look. Make this your home page. Then hit the 'Promotion and Awards' board and offer your congratulations to those listed there. Don't worry if you don't know them. They worked bloody hard to get where they did, and deserve congratulations from everybody. Don't be fooled by any experiences in other units or clans. These guys didn't get those ranks out of a box of popcorn - we are a crack outfit, not a crackerjack outfit. You are privileged to be a part of this unit. 20% of those who apply are denied. More are culled during BCT. More are dismissed because they don't take this seriously and screw up or around. Five jokers have been drummed out in the last week. Don't let the next one be you. You are here because you wanted to be here and we thought that you were worth taking a chance on. Don't blow it. This could be the start of the best decision you've ever made. Let's go, heroes - we have a war to fight!

  • While playing Arma 3 Wasteland with Pvt. Hanson

    Hanson: Well as long as they dont have an RPG we're good.

    Then about 2 seconds later a RPG hits our vehicle.

  • PFC Rex: "Be a swan, be an elegant swan."

  • PFC Noye's attempt at speaking french: BONJER!

  • The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil... is for good men to do nothing... - Edmund Burke

  • Nobody made a greater mistake then he who did nothing because he could do only a little... - Edmund Burke

  • Me and SSgt. Berg having a conversation about prophets "PFC Gillam [29th ID]: HOOAH
    SSgt. Berg [29ID]: I'LL TRY AGAIN LATER

  • PFC Zenhenko: "Does your guys deodorant get dry after awhile? I use Old Spice Fiji™, It smells reeeeaaaaaallly good."

  • Steam convo with myself and PFC Stevenson:

    America: I need RS2 Vietnam in my life >->
    Sgt. Mueller [29ID]: lol
    America: More importantly I need to hip fire an M16 while blasting Fortunate Son
    Sgt. Mueller [29ID]: lol
    America: And tell Monty to "get some!'
    Sgt. Mueller [29ID]: lol
    Sgt. Mueller [29ID]: how much have you had to drink?
    America: Not a drop Sgt!
    Sgt. Mueller [29ID]: lol i doubt that
    America: I don't drink sir, I just really like my Vietnam War sims
    Sgt. Mueller [29ID]: Bombs you with a B-52
    America: loves the smell of napalm in the morning
    America: smells like victory
    Sgt. Mueller [29ID]: Roasts you with napalm
    America: such freedom, much wow
    Sgt. Mueller [29ID]: much freedom, such burning
    America: burning, freedom, same thing

  • "They should call this game Call of Parkingsons Disease"
    -T/5 Wimpf on the topic of weapon sway

  • "The last thing you do when a SSgt. is pissed at some ****ing pubber is try to recruit the moron." - SSgt. Conrad

  • 2Lt. Neal on Xenonauts

    Xealeon: he told me his dad was the president of Europe and he would ban me from the country
    Xealeon: but I decided to risk it anyways
    Lushman: Mrs. Merkel is going to be so p****d with you
    Xealeon: my base is in greece anyways soooo
    Lushman: Oh...
    Xealeon: I'm planning to open the next one in Portugal
    Lushman: I'll give you the number for my financial advisor. Bless your little cotton socks
    Xealeon: when you have extralegal powers, an army of trained soldiers, the most advanced weapons, and a small fleet of advanced fighter planes
    Xealeon: finances are something that happen to other people

  • Theres nothing left in this world that scares me anymore except the threat of being promoted.

    -Anonymous 29th'er

  • "If you can dodge a rocket, you can dodge a bullet" SSgt. Bergstrom on rocket launcher dodgeball.

  • TSgt Balzer - "Don't you update the mod thread?"
    FSgt. Hill - "Why yes I do, you googly-eyed NVG wearing motherf***er."

  • PFC Lauritsen opened a conversation with this, which is historically accurate in a way...

    Nike on my shirt: So being part of both the lighthouse and AP1HQ made me realise something
    Nike on my shirt: Behind every successful Swede there's a Dane

  • You're not gonna live very long if you kill yourself - T/5 Robles.

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    SSgt Chev-"Pvt. Abreu how do you pronounce your name"
    Pvt. Abreu-types"Abreu"

  • Definition: "Love" is making a shot to the knees of a target 120 kilometers away using an Aratech sniper rifle with a tri-light scope.

    • HK-47
  • FSgt. Cyr to PFC Bagge: "I don't know why you're playing Adventure Capitalist while enjoying your free socialist university..."

  • "someone in a gas station just told me id make a good serial killer" -Graczyk

  • "When the pin is pulled, Mr. Grenade is NOT your friend." -Murphy's law

  • I am 11 years old, but I have been told I am way beyond my years. I am a smart, intelligent child of my ways. I am 6th grade and I know most of you are like 15-30 but I think I can get along with you guys. I am used to being called b*****, weak, f***** or other mean things that you might throw at me. I am a strong independent child and I have the confidence that I can join this Infantry Division. Semper Fi!

    I like his enthusiasm, hope he reenlists in the future.

  • Inside each of us, there is the seed of both good and evil. It's a constant struggle as to which one will win. And one cannot exist without the other. - Eric Burdon

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