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  • "Nobody ever quote me" - Cpl. Langford

  • "Life is tough; it's tougher if you're stupid." -John Wayne

  • "You know what this rank means? I'm always right." -FSgt. Cyr

  • "I love deadlines. I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by." - Douglas Adams

  • In TS after a squad drill:

    Cpl. Lacey: Pvt. Komanski is in London
    PFC Kelly: Maybe he got killed by Jack the Ripper!
    Cpl. Lacey: You know he's probably dead, right?
    PFC Kelly: That's what I'm saying!

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    In TS after a squad drill:

    PFC Jenssen: Ullmann sounds more human when he speaks German.
    PFC Kelly: Say something in German Ullmann.
    PFC Ullmann: Something German
    PFC Kelly: You're right he does sound human.
    Cpl. Lacey: Yeah, he sounds a lot more German now.

  • A couple of BP2 drills ago, on Brigehead, we are looking towards South.
    Me: It's so quiet.
    PFC Kouters: I'd LMAO if they came from the North.
    PFC Morten turns around
    PFC Morten: Holy, they are coming from the North!

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    PFC De Crom: *samute *
    TSgt. Conrad: De Crom, fix that abortion of a salute.

  • At one of AP1s Platoon drills.
    Pvt. Ismael: I am getting rushed by atleast two squads!
    PFC Schelhaas: They have only one guy left...

  • "Come over here
    I'm just a little dear" - PFC Doe while chasing someone with his bayonet.

  • "How do I use the machine gun without killing people?" - T/5 Minor

  • Well it's very popular in AP1S2 but I feel I should share it with everyone..

    During a drill:
    Some PFC: PFC de Crom, where are the enemies?
    PFC de Crom: I don't know where they ar- AAAAAAAHHH

    2 kills for PFC de Crom show up on the kill feed
    PFC de Crom: WAAAAAAH
    PFC de Crom: I'm just gonna stay in this corner for a moment...

  • Happend in a conversation on Steam with T/5 Lacey

    T/5 Lazy: Im currently reading the HP books again
    T/5 Lazy: Its been so long
    Stannis baratheon: "After all this time?"
    T/5 Lazy: Never
    T/5 Lazy: DAMNIT
    T/5 Lazy: I HAFD
    T/5 Lazy: ONE JOB#
    Stannis baratheon: xD

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    PFC Santa: Your nerd shield is deflecting bullets.

  • Cpt. Patty [29ID]: bbc news
    Cpt. Patty [29ID]: oops
    Cpt. Patty [29ID]: thought you were google
    Cpt. Patty [29ID]: atleast it wasnt porn I was looking for

  • In S1's Squad Drill:

    Sgt. Ternby: Americans ready!
    Cpl. Blouin: Germans are ready.
    T/4 Kabeya: Brits MAY be outside of the map.

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    21:15 - PFC Benton [29th ID]: Ur a god
    21:15 - PFC Benton [29th ID]: omg
    21:15 - PFC Benton [29th ID]: I love
    21:15 - SSgt. Evensen [29ID]: I know :D
    21:15 - PFC Benton [29th ID]: every part
    21:15 - PFC Benton [29th ID]: of your body
    21:15 - PFC Benton [29th ID]: and soul
    21:15 - PFC Benton [29th ID]: xD

    He asked me to come help out in his squad's drill, and I brought a squad instead ;)

  • T/5 Dashwood: Sgt. could you take over for 10s please? I've just been informed that there's cake.

  • PFC Asboe: Holy moly I'm taking machine gun fire guys! Someone come and save me!

  • @PFC Sánta said:
    T/5 Dashwood: Sgt. could you take over for 10s please? I've just been informed that there's cake.

    Best reason to go afk. That or pie. I would afk so hard for some pie..

  • 2Lt. Perdiew upon seeing that I changed my Steam name to "Mirror's Edge Is Great"(He hates Mirror's Edge.):
    04:46 PM - 2Lt. Perdiew [29th ID]: OMG
    04:46 PM - 2Lt. Perdiew [29th ID]: CHANGE THAT NAME
    04:46 PM - 2Lt. Perdiew [29th ID]: OR DIE
    04:47 PM - Mirror's Edge Is Great has changed their name to Gillespie.
    04:47 PM - Gillespie: I was wondering when you would notice, sir.
    04:47 PM - 2Lt. Perdiew [29th ID]: i goto my friends list
    04:47 PM - 2Lt. Perdiew [29th ID]: just to see whos online
    04:47 PM - 2Lt. Perdiew [29th ID]: and then i am assaulted
    04:47 PM - 2Lt. Perdiew [29th ID]: yes, assaulted
    04:47 PM - 2Lt. Perdiew [29th ID]: by a statement
    04:47 PM - 2Lt. Perdiew [29th ID]: so terrible
    04:47 PM - 2Lt. Perdiew [29th ID]: so foul
    04:47 PM - 2Lt. Perdiew [29th ID]: so evil
    04:47 PM - 2Lt. Perdiew [29th ID]: that my eyes burn by reading it

  • Chicken noodle soup is the fruit of the gods - PFC Montgomery(Ret)

  • Pvt. Weston: Vanu is OP- the players are so bad they have to use lasers.

    Leaving this here for the Glorious Army to ponder over

  • Ser Toby the Lazy: Im on life
    Ser Toby the Lazy: Taste it...
    Ser Toby the Lazy: Stick your tongue out...
    T5 Brand [29ID]: no, you cant make me
    T5 Brand [29ID]: =P
    T5 Brand [29ID]: DAMNIT

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    On BP2's platoon drill
    Sgt. Van Middel: Okay guys, don't get caught with your pants down when the tank opens fire. PFC Runing: I'm not wearing any pants.

  • Baker Company drill AAR quote:
    "Allies called in a local priest who was due to be air dropped to the Hill to destroy the Nazi Pagan Werewolf summoning circle and cleanse the area with holy water."

    I so wish I didn't miss that one!

  • Able Comany drill:
    Sgt. Donut (as we were getting weapons ready)- "Drop your weapon and die."
    Someone then said: "Aren't we supposed to say that to the enemy?"
    Just a little story from AP2S2.

  • PFC Stear [29ID]: Hey Sarge, you there?
    T3 Swomma [29ID]: Im no sarge! :P
    PFC Stear [29ID]: :P
    T3 Swomma [29ID]: "My deity" would be sufficient ^^


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