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  • "Tenno Heika Banzai!"- Emperor Matsuzaka

  • “Nothing personal, kid”

    Coldsteel The Hedgeheg - Sonic the Hedgehog original character.

  • "You can't always get what you want" - The Who

  • "what is life without death"
    - Matsuzaka


    • Ben Schulz
  • 14:55 - Sgt. Lamb [29ID]: hmmm, everything on my computer has crashed except this chat window
    14:55 - Sgt. Lamb [29ID]: this is new
    14:55 - Vandy: I am the holy aura
    14:55 - Sgt. Lamb [29ID]: I cant see my typing progress either
    14:55 - Sgt. Lamb [29ID]: just when I press enter
    14:56 - Vandy: listen to me, you lambchop. You shall now pass all your belongings to the following account: 124-335-556-128
    14:56 - Sgt. Lamb [29ID] is now Offline.

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    6:57 PM - A Rare Gillam: I see now that my joke failed. Sigh.
    6:57 PM - T3 Swomma [29ID]: what is a joke?
    6:57 PM - T3 Swomma [29ID]: never heard about those
    6:58 PM - T3 Swomma [29ID]: some kind of annimal?
    6:58 PM - A Rare Gillam: A Joke
    6:58 PM - A Rare Gillam: Rooting from the word, Jokography
    6:58 PM - A Rare Gillam: Origionally started as a "Hip" new form of jumping
    6:58 PM - A Rare Gillam: Hence, all the songs about jumping in the 80's, and early 90's music
    6:59 PM - T3 Swomma [29ID]: ach, thanks
    6:59 PM - A Rare Gillam: Uncoming the new millenium, the word was revolutionized
    Me giving T/3 a history lesson :) @T/3 Slomczynski

  • "Have a nice cup of liber-tea!"

    "Say hello to Democracy!"

    "How'd you like the taste of freedom!"

    • Helldiver
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    704th Training Platoon goes underway and one of the recruit shows up with his public name. Then all happens...

    -T/5 Lacey: "Machinengewehr 42 change your name as your Enlistment Liaison told you..."

    All of a sudden name switches to PFC Machinengewehr 42...

    All BCT Crew ROFLMAO...

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    I have a picture:

    (Picture Removed)

  • T5 Lacey said:
    I have a picture:

    I have a Picture Thread. This is not that thread. Please post in the correct threads.

  • "It's the one with the church." ~ Every BP1S1 member ever when someone asks what map it is.

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    BP2S2 channel.


    Everyone else: What the hell? Bagge? What are you doing?

    PFC Bagge: I'm making whipped cream.

    PFC Atkinson: Why are you making whipped cream when it's almost midnight!?

    Cpt Patterson a few moments later...: What's that noise?

  • My conversation with former PFC Fournier about him maybe coming back to the unit.

    I am That is: There is also the risk that I call you Cpl
    I am That is: Because when I did leave you were Cpl
    2Lt. Fritz [29ID]: and there is a risk i may correct you and it won't be so bad :P
    I am That is: And if I call you Moma?
    2Lt. Fritz [29ID]: I'll probably agree
    2Lt. Fritz [29ID]: tell you its all gonna be ok
    2Lt. Fritz [29ID]: then send your squad first to die :D
    I am That is: I like this answer

    ^ Recruiting done right...

  • Pvt. Reese was dealing power outages and possible tornados last night and I went to check on her...

    Warner: Everything ok where you are?
    Reese is now Online.
    Reese: Yes! Thank you for asking?
    Warner: Is that a question?
    Warner: haha
    Warner: I'm glad to hear it
    Reese is now Online.
    Warner: Stay safe
    Reese: Sorry I'm driving
    Warner: That's not staying safe!

  • At AP3S2 squad drills, prior to the first round:

    Sgt. Mueller [29ID]: No promises that I dont blow everyone up
    Sgt. Mueller [29ID]: lol
    PFC Layland [29ID]: or that i dotn just go afk randomly
    Sgt. Mueller [29ID]: if you do I will gun you down as a deserter
    Sgt. Mueller [29ID]: problem soved Comrade Stalin still proud
    PFC Layland [29ID]: would expect nothing less comerade commisar

  • PanzerSheep: Hey
    Ser Toby the Lazy of Laceygard: WHAT DO YOU WANT
    Ser Toby the Lazy of Laceygard: Caps
    PanzerSheep: I thought u were going to throw broken glass at me
    Ser Toby the Lazy of Laceygard: Lol what
    PanzerSheep: no srsly
    PanzerSheep: I thought you were going to jump through my room window like rainbow six stuff and throw broken glass at me

    PanzerSheep is Pvt. Zanovich and Ser Toby the Lazy of Laceygard is... Well, take a wild guess.

  • T3 Swomma [29ID]: you owe me pants...

    After a surprise attack on him and Cpl. Dashwood in a drill

  • Cpl. Meyberg and Pvt. Waerness got trapped in CP1's HQ after taking it by me
    Switch to yelling
    Me: You are trapped in there Americans, go out now and surrender and you will be shown mercy

    Pvt. Waerness: Cyka blyat Russian

    You got gut, I give you that. May we meet again American

  • "Whoever does not miss the Soviet Union has no heart. Whoever wants it back has no brain" Vladimir Putin

  • FSgt Balzer: "And now, the floor is yours Cpl Wilmore."

    Cpl Wilmore: "Missions screeen, mission screen for everyone!!!"

  • baby crying in the background of SSgt Vandewalle

    SSgt Vandewalle: "Is it international women's day today?"

    Me: "Nope, was 2 days ago."

    SSgt Vandewalle: "Great, then she can take care of the little one today."

    Me: dying of laughter

  • Just after Boughie bought FM 16 on Steam:

    Boogii: ok
    Boogii: its done
    Ser Toby the Lazy of Laceygard: FM 16 IS ACTUALLY SHIT I TRICKED YOU
    Ser Toby the Lazy of Laceygard: Jk
    Boogii: you're one of the least funny people I know
    Ser Toby the Lazy of Laceygard: Thanks

  • "Walkrobeart: I guess you could say, I'm "Straight Outta BCT""

  • Pvt Danberg: PTQ

    Cpl. Wilmore: What the hell does that even mean?

    Pvt Danberg: Quack

  • PFC Egholm:NOO CHAMPY!
    PFC Chamberlain: (fires RPG indoors)

  • My first time leading a side in squad drill:
    Team split in two, allies rekt in seconds.
    "Everything went well untill everyone died."

  • "o and they that is you as well" - PFC de Crom, 2016

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    PFC Egholm and a friend sitting and playing Public ArmA 3 Conquest - Sitting around 2,5 km. away from enemy spawn and trying to take out tanks.

    PFC Egholm: I got a solid lock on enemy tank

    Friend: Roger that me to

    PFC Egholm: Ready?

    Friend: READY!

    PFC Egholm: FIRE!!

    shuuu BOOM

    [You have been banned for 15 min Reason: Spawn killing]

    PFC Egholm and friend: ROFLMAO

  • Cpl. Novak [29ID]: gimme free time and i will play My Little Pony

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