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  • 9/10

    Dem Bones - The Singing Detective (BBC)


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    6/10 (Nothing special, but fun!)

    Norway's entry for Eurovision Song Contest 1980. Finished 16th out of 19, but was a huge hit in Norway. The catchy part begins at 1:30 with Mattis Hætta (here seen in traditional Sami clothing) performing the traditional form of song of the Sami people (native population of northern Norway, Sweden, Finland + Kola peninsula of Russia), called "joik" (yoik). There's a scene in the 2011 version of the movie The Thing with the Norwegian cast members singing it:

    Sverre Kjelsberg & Mattis Hætta - "Sámiid ædnan"

    Lyrics translation:

    A simple tune, two small words: Lapland, Sami earth
    It came with the wind from north, from north, Lapland

    Can a demand get any softer: Lapland, the land of the Sami people
    It grew from a breeze to a storm, from a breeze to a storm, Lapland

    In front of the parliament where they sat, Lapland, Lapland
    The yoik was heard day and night, Lapland

    In front of the parliament where they sat, oy...
    The yoik was heard day and night, Lapland

    Yoik is stronger than gunpowder, Lapland
    Because a yoik never ends, oh... Lapland

    Because a yoik never ends, Lapland

  • 4/10 Yeah I don't really like it much, pretty eh, most times I rely on good catchy music but there wasn't really any here.

    From the best Hip Hop album of this past decade, seriously underrated

    Vince Staples - Rain Come Down

  • 8/10 a pleasant change from some of the other stuff I hear!

    Denzel Curry - PERCS

    I'd tag you, Harding, but it wont let me.
    I personally think this is the best one from his whole album.

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    1/10 (I think you already know my reasoning behind this low score.)

    Time for another deep cut from Queen, and a funky one (taken from the Hot Space album):

    Queen - "Cool Cat"

  • 6/10 Pretty funky and quite enjoyable, nice :)
    Reply to Ixer, I think that's the second best, behind SUMO, honestly the album was a let down but has a few tracks and some of my all time favorite hooks, thinking of that CASH MANIAC track specifically, but Denzel had a lot more to offer I feel and really didn't deliver.

    Denzel Curry - Pure Enough (One of his best, if not his best, in my opinion)

  • 2/10 (One of the better rap songs you've shared so far, but still far from my cup of tea.)

    Marcus Miller - "Detroit" (Slappin' da bass, yo!)

  • 3/10 - Not my thing.

    SEX CELLS - Home is Where the Heart Is

  • 4/10 Not particularly interesting and the production choices are pretty poor in my opinion.

    Travis Scott - Stargazing (IT'S LIT!)

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    I agree, neither is your suggestion with the exception of the transition part 2 minutes in. It consists of the same old recycled beats used in every modern hip-hop song ever + the autotuned vocals makes me dislike it even more. Granted it has decent sound production.
    Overall score: 2/10

    Now it's time for some really impressive music from a technical standpoint (as you would expect with prog). This song was also my pick for a bass player audition:

    Rush - "YYZ"

    (Fun-fact: YYZ is the IATA airport identification code of Toronto Pearson International Airport, near Rush's hometown. The band was introduced to the rhythm as Alex Lifeson flew them into the airport. A VHF omnidirectional range system at the airport broadcasts the YYZ identifier code in Morse code.)

  • 9/10 - Pedersen you have great tastes! Rush is by far one of the greatest bands to have ever performed. I literally have every album on CD and some even on Vinyl and Cassette, I was heartbroken to hear that they had to stop making music and playing on tour because of diseases but you can't expect them to perfectly healthy forever, unfortunately. Only took away a point because of how popular the song is and the fact that I believe there are better Rush songs out there that don't get enough play time. ie. Camera Eye, Main Monkey Buisness, Subdivisions, Big Money, and many many more (I mean they have 19 studio albums for god's sake!).

    I on the other hand have been listening to Powerwolf's new album 'The Sacrament of Sin'. I am absolutely loving it!
    Demons are a Girl's Best Friend - Powerwolf

  • 3/10 Without a doubt, PFC Furry, this is perhaps one of the worst songs I've ever encountered. It is supposed to be a parody? I mean, it is called Powerwolf and there's a man presumably unironically wearing all black singing along to bad 80's power metal. Dreadful.

    Oh What A Lovely War - They Were Only Playing Leapfrog

    I wouldn't go up there to Ypres the music thread if I were you, they've got a shortage.
    What of, ammunition?
    No, of good songs.

  • 4/10 solid commentary and decent sound but not what I would call a song.

    Fire and Rain - James Taylor

  • 4/10 - It's fairly dull, I'm fond of both genres; country and Western. The only genre I perhaps don't like a single aspect of, is metal, but I genuinely don't get the appeal of songs like this where the lyrics are trite, and the music without bite.

    Jacques Brel - La chanson des vieux amants

    In a few days I'll be back in Paris again, away from the stifling heat of the UK and to a place with even more stifling heat, without the sanctuary of cheap pubs with beloved tacky floral decor. I'll walk around Bastille and drink supermarché wine. I'll buy Zola and Céline novels on the banks of the Seine, and Françoise Hardy will ring out from each Tabac as every Vogue gets smoked down to the nub and falls to be stubbed out by my Doc boot on the pavement. 30 Euro fine, permitting.

  • 7/10

    TEARS FOR FEARS -- Everybody Wants to Rule the World ('85)

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    Is this really live? It sounds so nice and clean! This is a song everybody has heard at least once in their lifetime unless they've been living in a cave. Smooth melodies all around!
    Overall score: 10/10

    Btw, PFC Hilton - "Fire and Rain" is anything but dull. Don't you have any soul?
    It's time for my favorite American rock band:

    Creedence Clearwater Revival - "I Put a Spell on You"
    (Originally by Screamin' Jay Hawkins, but I love this version even more!)

  • 6/10 Don't like many covers, this being one, I love CCR but they have 'eh' covers.

    Curtis Mayfield - If There's Hell Below We're All Going To Go

  • Funky and oldschool. A little drawn-out, but I think were spoiled by suscinct music these days. 7/10

    Speaking of which, here's some oldschool sk8 punk!

  • 8/10 Nice just nice

    Erik Satie - Once upon a time in Paris

  • 9/10

    Miki Matsubara- Stay With Me


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    Wow! This was way better than I expected. Everything is mixed perfectly so you can clearly hear every instrument. Perfect vocals! Perfect instrumentation and arrangement! Rhythm section grooves! Ear candy all around! Why can't I find this on Spotify? :open_mouth:
    I also noticed there are some parts which are similar to Michael Jackson's "It's the Falling in Love".
    Overall score: 10/10

    Earth, Wind & Fire - "In the Stone"

  • 3/10 ...50 seconds in I was waiting for the singing to begin, and then I found myself longing for it to stop. I like the thumbnail though.

    The Ordinary Boys - Boys Will Be Boys

  • 2/10 Just no.

    Rolling Stones - Gimme Shelter

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    10/10 (Classic!)

    Response to PFC Ixer: Not fair... Instrumentation is part of the music too!

    Creedence Clearwater Revival - "Green River"

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    8/10 Brilliant, just one of the best to ever hit the scene.

    CCR - Bootleg (Just realised how bad the quality it was, I have the album so it's much better, I recommend picking up all their albums, awesome band)

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    EDIT: posted 1 minute after Harding so I'll just do two ratings.

    8/10 Can't beat a bit of CCR, Pedersen! but personally not my favourite.
    (I've realised I've actually rated your songs quite poorly recently and I want to assure you it's nothing personal, most just are not my cuppa)

    7/10 Harding same reasoning

    The Turtles - Happy Together

  • Ah, I remember this one being used in TV commercials. It's a simple tune, but catchy and gets stuck in your head easily. I would give it a higher score, but I've just heard it too many times already :p
    Overall score: 7/10

    Response to PFC Harding: I have every Creedence album on CD + Spotify. They are the reason why I got into music and started playing instruments in the first place!

    Creedence Clearwater Revival - "Born on the Bayou"

  • 7/10 CCR is always good but I prefer down on the corner and up and around the bend.

    Rita is gone - Marcus King Band

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    6/10 Nice Slow jam but it does nothing for me musically

    This on the other hand makes me want to pick up my guitar and pretend to play like Terry Kath.

    Chicago - 25 or 6 to 4 (Live Version)

  • 3/10 It was good until they added in the piano and the brass instruments, like, it just doesn't work as well as it could have done.

    Let's get some more Hip Hop in here

    Vince Staples - Pimp Hand

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