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  • 6/10

    The Field Mice - When Morning Comes to Town

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    The Hollies - "Long Cool Woman (In a Black Dress)"

    The song was written in the swamp rock style of Creedence Clearwater Revival, in terms of the vocal, rhythm, and melodic style. It came out in the spring of 1972 (the same year Creedence split up). Allan Clarke imitated John Fogerty's vocal style, which was based on the Creedence song "Green River". Meanwhile, the rhythm guitar shares similarities with their song "Bootleg".

  • 6/10

    Fleetwood Mac - Landslide

  • 7/10

    Geto Boys - Damn It Feels Good To Be A Gangsta

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    5/10 - Nice groove, but that's about it...

    Christine Guldbrandsen - "Alvedansen"
    (English: "Dance of the Elves". Only 14th place for Norway in ESC 2006, but I believe it was because of the early running order.)

    (Haya... ha haya... haya...)
    (Come with me into the summer night)

    Only I can catch your glance
    Show my claws in the kiss you got
    Tease you, so you turn into fire
    Come here, I know you want to

    Haya... ha haya... haya...
    Come with me into the summer night
    Haya... ha hayaya... haya...
    Nothing is hidden tonight

    Only I know all that you are
    Give you a spark, I see you are near
    Float with me, let everything turn into fire
    Come here, I know you want to

    Haya... ha haya... haya...
    Come with me into the summer night
    Haya... ha hayaya... haya...
    Nothing is hidden tonight

    No one knows, the wind is playing
    The moon looks away, and we are everything

    Haya... ha haya... haya...
    Come with me into the summer night
    Haya... ha hayaya... haya...
    Nothing is hidden tonight

  • 2/10

    Mr Wilson's 2nd Liners - Better Off Alone

  • 5/10

    Go Kart Mozart - Zelda's in the Spotlight

  • I remember watching this live back in 2010 (when the contest was hosted in Oslo). Nobody knew back then it would turn into a viral meme.
    7/10 for song, 10/10 for Epic Sax Guy!

    Talking about sax...

    Mezzoforte - "Garden Party"
    (They're an Icelandic jazz fusion band.)

  • 7/10 - Not bad got a bit of funk with the jazz.

    Lonnie Johnson - Another night to cry (Live)

  • 9/10

    Leo Kottke - Vaseline Machine Gun

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    9/10 Cool mix of all kinds of stuff, love the bluegrass influence!

    KO-ney - my kitchen
    (skip to 2:30 if you're not interested in sampling, don't know how to link that)

  • The music is decent, but the audio cuts out in some spots which ruins the experience for me.
    Overall score: 4/10

    The Michigan funk band's latest single just released a few hours ago. I'm definitely groovin' to this:

    Vulfpeck - "Darwin Derby"

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    5/10 The lyrics and vocalist ruin it for me, but the instrumental is worth a 7 alone.

    Moodymann - I Can't Kick This Feeling When It Hits

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    2/10 - Too repetitive!
    Fun-fact: The vocal line "I can't kick this feeling when it hits" is sampled from "I Want Your Love" by Chic.

    Elvis Presley - "If I Can Dream"

    (In my opinion his best song. So powerful!)

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    7/10 Very nice, a nice change from the majority of his big singles.

    Black Jazz Consortium - Mystery of Fantasy (G's Fantasy Mix)

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    This is not a song, just a beat being repeated over and over for 8 minutes with some random sampled voices added in between.
    Overall score: 1/10

    This could have been a Marvin Gaye duet with Tammi Terrell. Feel the Motown-vibes!

    Joey Dosik - "Don't Want It to Be Over" (feat. Coco O.)

  • 8/10 - Not something I'd usually listen to but it's quite good.

    I vow to thee my Country

  • 8/10

    cure - disintegration (entreat live version)

  • 10(oof)/10

    Al Bowlly + Lew Stone - You Couldn't Be Cuter

  • 6/10 - Not playlist material, but enjoyable while it's on.

    Gigliola Cinquetti - "Non ho l'età"
    (Winner of Eurovision Song Contest 1964 - Italy)

  • 1/10 "Video unavailable"

    Madonna - I'd rather be your lover

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    @PFC Verbruggen said:

    1/10 "Video unavailable"

    I see that now, but it still gives me the option to watch it on YouTube.

    As for Madonna, she's really hit or miss for me. I really like some of her 80s hits like "Like a Prayer", but this is a complete miss for me.
    Overall score: 1/10

    Jahn Teigen - "Optimist"
    (As the title implies, it's a song about having a positive outlook on life.)

    The people's clear favorite to win Melodi Grand Prix in 1989 - the Norwegian national selection for ESC. Unfortunately the juries prevented that from happening and when this song was not revelead to be one of the 3 finalists, the audience booed. The juries' winner song went on to a measly 17th place in Eurovision, while this enjoyed massive commercial success and is considered a classic.

  • 5/10 - I find this song half-empty.

    The Fall - Big New Prinz

  • 6/10 It's aight I guess.

    Marvin Gaye - My Love Is Waiting (Sure I've posted before but this song just doesn't ever get old, in my opinion, his top 2, at least.)

  • 8/10 - I can groove to this!

    a-ha - "Stay on These Roads"

    You wouldn't know this band is Norwegian if I didn't tell you.

  • 6/10 - I knew this band was Norwegian before you were born.

    Reignwolf - The Chain

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    4/10 - Meh!

    December is finally here!

    Elton John - "Step into Christmas"

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    7/10 - Can't go wrong with some Elton John.

    Disco Dick - Hotpants

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