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    Owen Pallett/Final Fantasy - This is the Dream of Win and Regine

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    8/10 - This sounds very original. Love the violin here!

    David Gilmour - "There's No Way Out of Here"

  • 7/10

    Portland Cello Project play Radiohead's Climbing Up the Walls

  • 6.5/10 She didn't do the scream, point deducted.

    Freddie McGregor - Brandy

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    7/10 - His voice is so soothing. Talking about soothing...

    Vulfpeck (feat. Theo Katzman & Monica Martin) - "Love Is a Beautiful Thing"

    (Just gotta love how Jack Stratton plays that snare drum.)

  • 3/10 - Not my jam.
    But this is:

    Машина времени - Два белых снега

  • 8/10

    nthing - Touches

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    Ambient music is not something I would actively listen to as it is kinda "boring" outside of meditation purposes.
    Rating: 5/10

    Elton John - "I Guess That's Why They Call It the Blues"

    (Fun-fact: That's Stevie Wonder on the harmonica.)

  • 7/10

    British Sea Power - Luna

  • 5/10

    ITPDWIP - Blinded By The Light

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    3/10 - Not feeling it. The song title reminds me of two things:
    1) the Manfred Mann's Earth Band song
    2) how some people blind themselves by accident while in the process of arranging fireworks on New Year's Eve

    And since 2019 is steadily creeping upon us, I thought this was an appropriate song to share with you:

    ABBA - "Happy New Year"

  • 4/10 but here's hoping 2019 will be a good one

    Portland Cello Project - Radiohead's Jigsaw Falling Into Place

  • 7/10 The original is a banger and this isn't bad.

    Radiohead - Unravel (Björk cover)

  • 3/10 - It's a tad too boring I think. Sorry! (And I really try to avoid using that term when judging music.)

    It's New Year's Day 2019 and it's finally appropriate to post this song:

    U2 - "New Year's Day"

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    Blade Runner - Opening Titles (HQ)

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    5/10 - Not something I would listen to but I would enjoy when watching the movie.

    Elmore James - The Sky is Crying

  • 6/10 I really dig that guitar. Speaking of guitar, well actually dobro...

    Lynyrd Skynyrd - "The Ballad of Curtis Loew"

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    Great band! I prefer other Skynyrd songs to this, but still a good one.
    Rating: 7/10

    The Commitments - "Take Me to the River"

    (Originally by Al Green, but I prefer this version.)

  • 5/10 Prefer the Talking Heads version
    (tell me what you think PFC)

    New York Dolls - Vietnamese Baby

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    @Pvt. Hilton said:

    5/10 Prefer the Talking Heads version
    (tell me what you think PFC)

    The Talking Heads version is respectable, but I think the tempo is too slow and I way prefer the bassline and production of The Commitments.

    As for "Viatnemese Baby": 5/10
    (Your average punk rock song, nothing stands out to make an impact for me.)

    Vulfpeck - "Lonely Town"

  • 7/10

    Enemies - Nag Champa [Alpha Waves]

  • 8/10

    Inmates - The Good Life

  • Hmm... It starts out like a standard acoustic soft pop ballad, but then the music takes unexpected turns with the chord progression. I also like how it progresses in terms of the arrangement, adding more instruments as it goes and turning into a kind of rock song. I'm intrigued!
    Rating: 9/10

    Phoenix - "Lisztomania"

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    6/10. I like it. Reminds im me of a band called “Kane Strang” you’d like them a lot if this is your type of music.

    Hope we’re all having a good time. And we’re ready go get back into drills!

    This song is dedicated to all us fellas with lonely heart syndrome. F

    Harry Nillsson - Without you

  • 1/10 I get the vibe but growing up in the 80s that was way too common to hear.

    I'm starting to learn the bass guitar...

    Dirty Projectors - Gun Has No Trigger (Official Video)

  • 7/10 I like the instrumentals

    Dirty Dike - Plenty More Piss In The Toilet

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    4/10 - Meh! Not my thing.

    @2Lt. Bergstrom [Ret.] said:

    I'm starting to learn the bass guitar...

    Nice! Then you should sub to my YouTube channel where I upload my bass covers: youtube.com/channel/UC8VgX5qOGkW-4VDAHCtfBUA
    I've been playing for 9 years, just hit me up on PM if you wanna learn some basic theory and techniques. Btw, here's a great bassline:

    Yes - "Time and a Word"

  • 7/10

    Cheers! Right now my bass ability is.. "recruit", so techniques and theory would be most appreciated.

    One song I CAN play on bass..
    Joy Division - Transmission

  • I can see why; this is pretty simple and straightforward, thus beginner-friendly (with the exception of the busy drum part). Not a fan of the vocals, but otherwise seems like a fun song to play, especially if you're just starting out.
    Rating: 6/10

    This is the first song I ever learned on bass:

    Creedence Clearwater Revival - "Have You Ever Seen the Rain?"

  • 5/10

    Desiderii Marginis - Angelus

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