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  • 7/10 - well i guess there was no avoiding it!

    The Decemberists - Crane Wife 3

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    9/10 - I actually liked this a lot. Playlist material for sure!

    AC/DC - "Through the Mists of Time"

    It's from their most recent album and a bit different from most of their songs.
    (R.I.P. Malcolm Young)

  • 8/10 - Good song, just not what I would think when I hear AC/DC

    John Waite - "Change"

    Gotta love the 80s sometimes

  • 8/10 - Fun song!

    Foo Fighters - "Learn to Fly"

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    10/10 - Added to my playlist

    The Hooters - "Brother, Don't You Walk Away"

  • 6/10

    The Eastern Connection - Skinshape (if it doesn't autoplay it is the 12:11 mark)

  • 7/10 - Funky grooves! Not playlist material for me, but it was nice and relaxing to listen to after a long and hard week of work, so thank you for that!

    Vulfpeck (feat. Joey Dosik) - "LAX"

  • 9/10 - That camera man had to be dizzy at the end of the video, I started to get dizzy myself XD

    Billy Joel - "Allentown"

  • 7/10 - Can't go wrong with Billy Joel, but there are other songs by him I like way more.

    Christopher Cross - "Ride Like the Wind"

    (Featuring Michael McDonald on background vocals in the chorus.)

  • 9/10 - Already had it on my playlist

    Jigsaw - "Sky High"

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    8/10 - Catchy! How did these bell-bottoms magically appear on me?

    Mick Gordon - BFG Division

    Not usually a metal guy, but this shiz bangs. Fully recommend good low response headphones for this one.

  • 4/10 - It just needs some lyrics in there. If there aren't lyrics in a song it usually has to be classical or orchestral genre for me.

    Bon Jovi - "Bad Medicine"

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    6/10 - I know this song, but it's never been one of my favorite Bon Jovi tracks. Gets points for catchiness though.

    Because it's Sunday:

    The Monroes - "Sunday People"

    (The 1983 debut single of this Norwegian duo. Here in Norway it was a big hit. And if you wonder why the singer's accent sounds so British, it's because they were strongly influenced by English ska band Madness.)

  • 8/10 - I dig it

    The Goo Goo Dolls - "Iris"

  • Easiest 10/10 I've given in a while! Did you know my number 1 listened song on Spotify this year was "Black Balloon" by them?

    Now back to the 80s:

    Huey Lewis and the News - "Walking with the Kid"

    An underrated song from an underrated album.

  • 8/10 - Man, 80s music always have that nice sunny day vibe

    Shoji Meguro - Heaven (Persona 4 OST)
    Especially for Persona fans

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    Here's a Christmas song from my country in traditional folk music style. God jul (Merry Christmas)!

    Ingebjørg Bratland & Ina Svenningdal - "Jul i Svingen"

  • 5/10 - I don't know what they were saying but I still kind of liked it.

    Cold Chisel - "Bow River"

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    7/10 - It rocks! The singer's voice reminds me somewhat of Lou Gramm of Foreigner and David Coverdale of Deep Purple and Whitesnake when he goes high.

    Case in point:

    Whitesnake - "Fool for Your Loving"

  • 10/10 - It's just one of those songs that defines rock, absolutely love it.

    Jim Croce - "Bad, Bad Leroy Brown"

  • 7/10 - Leroy Brown might have been bad, but the song about him anything but bad.

    The title reminded me of another fun song:

    Queen - "Bring Back That Leroy Brown"

  • 7/10

    Now on for other track in the same album

    Queen - Killer Queen

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    10/10 - One of the top songs made by Queen. Better than Bohemian Rhapsody in my opinion.

    Don't want to break the trend.

    Queen - "'39"

    One of the few songs where Brian May is the lead vocal.

  • 10/10 - I know almost every Queen song and this ain't no exception.

    Queen - "I'm in Love with My Car"

    Roger Taylor on lead vocals.

  • 7/10

    Black Pumas - Strangers (feat. Lucius)

  • 8/10 Reminds me a lot of "Here's to you, Nicola and Bart".

    Nathan Cavaleri - 29 Gold Stars

  • 6/10 - And this reminds me of Prince. I like the instrumental, but these vocals are not my thing.

    Dinaye - "Own Yourself"

    This song competes in this year's Melodi Grand Prix - Norway's national selection for Eurovision Song Contest.

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    Daft Punk - Epilogue

  • 4/10

    First Class - "Beach Baby"

  • 6/10

    Foo Fighters - "The Pretender"

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