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  • 6/10 - It's alright for classic rock

    Orange Juice - Mud in Your Eye

  • 7/10-very full song, put me in a good mood

    Stevie Ray Vaughan-Little Wing

    this song has caused me a good deal of hearing loss

  • 6/10 not a fan of his music but can certainly appreciate the guitar skills

    Panic At The Disco - New Perspective
    PATD is pretty 15 year old girl tier stuff but this song is alright

  • 2.1/10


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    10.5/10 - .5 just for the nostalgia
    deadmau5 - Professional Griefers (featuring Gerard Way)

  • 8/10 avrige from the crew (was quit alright)
    sailing into franch waters from spanish waters

  • 10/10 hope you're having fun sailing De Crom mate

    Sum 41 - Walking Disaster

  • 8/10 - I like it but not personally a big fan of the fast guitar thing and the 2008 Japanese robot my mum wouldnt buy for me but all my friends bought. :( F

    This is a very nice little song. Rather not well known but it's still a good un and a special girl in my life introduced this to me, if you give it a poor rating I won't care as it's more special to me.

  • 9/10 - "kill me now, I want to die" ok

    Stereophonics - Dakota

  • 9/10 Great song, almost ruined for me by a finnish busker who was stuck on the chorus.

    Muuan mies - Tsygä rullaa

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    Nice rock steady/reggae beat 8/10. Just wish I knew what they said.

    Derrick Morgan - The conqueror

  • 7/10 Verrry nice, and don't even like reggae.

    Ray Barretto - Descarga Criolla

  • 4.3/10

    New Order - Temptation (12" Version)

  • 7/10 chill

    Sum 41 - Over My Head

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    10/10 - that song plum was at a party I went to last night and I sang along to it and danced in the living room. Good bant 10/10 song.

  • 9/10

    Lay Your Ghost - The Void

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    Well since its not available for some reason, i'll give it a 5/10

    Dizzy Mizz Lizzy - Mirror Mirror

  • 5/10 Better as it goes along

    Fitz And The Tantrums - Spark

  • 4/10 is this the Argos advert music?

    Green Day - Christie Road (Live)

  • 1.9/10

    Mr. Blobby

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    9.7/10 - An innovation to the music industry at its time of release, a lot of people easily dismiss this as a 'joke', but you have to first look past the apparent meaning upon the first listening in order to read between the lines and realise what this means in context with society. It's a brilliant critique on the nature of humanity, and the composer has done a great job connoting his issues with class structure through his extensive utilisation of compound and irregular time signatures and 'abstract' lyrics. People listening to this need to understand how before-its-time this was, and how much impact it had on the heavy metal genre. Only can give this 9.7 though due to its lack of exploration in harmony.

    Tool - The Pot [Progressive Metal]

  • 10/10
    Very good.

    This is REAL music, don't come at me with your "beeber" and "57 Pilots?????"

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    The Smiths - The Boy With The Thorn In His Side (Original Promo Video)

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    10/10 very naughty
    I love this song so unbelievably much, so many good memories!

    Breezeblocks - Alt J

  • 6/10

    Ramin Djawadi - Goodbye Brother

  • 1/10 game of trombones XDDD

    Primus - John The Fisherman

  • 9/10 great band, great bass, great purple bowl cut.

    Frank Zappa-Muffin Man

  • 7/10

    Françoise Hardy - Première rencontre

  • 2/10 Françoise is pretty bad hilton mate x

  • 1/10

    Moz & The Boyz - Still Ill (Rank, Live)

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