Heroes & Generals

So I have been playing a bit of Heroes & Generals, and I was wondering if anyone else here were playing it, which nation, what kind of weapons you're using, which class and such.


  • My stats
    Nation: American
    Class: Infantry
    Primary weapon: M1A1 Thompson
    Secondary weapon: Colt M1911
    Goal: Get the paratrooper class or recon/sniper class

    Feel free to add me on steam and send me a message if you wanna play!

  • Hey, I used to play this allot with PFC Wilmore and friends.
    We always sided with the Germans though.
    I have a characther for each class.
    MG - recon - sniper - tanker - pilot - fallshrimjager - smg - rifleman

    I'm more then willing to pick up this game again. Was playing this since the closed beta, when it was still launched from your browser.

  • Oh damn SSgt. that's impressive, how many hours have you invested into the game?

  • edited December 2015

    enter image description here

    As you can see, it's been a while.
    Might contact me and @"PFC Wilmore" to get us enthousiastic aobut the game again. :D

  • Anyone still playing this?

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