[Operations Corps] DoD Pub Night!

Hello Ladies and Gentleman of the 29th!

It is with my pleasure to announce that Operations Corps will be hosting a Day of Defeat pub play night on January 8th, starting at 7pm EST. As we all know, the unit has a long history of being deployed into multiple games. The most notable of these games, Day of Defeat, was the first modern war game to which the 29th was deployed. During this time, many of our senior leaders such as Lt. Col. Wheatley, Maj. Cooke, MSgt. Hart, FSgt. Conrad, and many others joined the unit. To celebrate the longevity of this game, a pub session has been called for. Many of our senior members will be there, participating in the fun. In addition, with some help, if you know of any older members who are still on Steam, feel free to give them a nudge to join the 29th on our TS channels and share their experiences of how different the 29th use to be. Day of Defeat can be purchased right now for only $1.24! Even if you can’t attend the Operations Pub Play session, this is still a great game to pick up and play with your friends. Operations Corps looks forward to seeing you there!

Ever Forward,

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2Lt. Fritz
Chief of Operations Corps


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