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29th Infantry Division Public Scrimmage Guide

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The first thing to do is to head to http://www.29th.org/about/server/ and read the rules of the 29th server.

A "public scrimmage" simply put is a realistic game mode for Darkest Hour/ Red Orchestra 2/Rising Storm. Realism is achieved through the use of mutators (sort of like a server side mod) and special rules. "Public" meaning it is open to anyone to participate in, and "scrimmage", meaning there will be a single life, and will have organised leaders and orders. In a public scrimmages there will be two teams led by 29th members, weapons will be assigned, and depending on the scenario squad leaders will be assigned.

Before a public scrimmage starts, there will be an announcement on any of these Steam groups, as well as announcements on the server.




When you join a server that is getting set up for a public scrimmage, it is important to

  1. Join the ally team and grab the rifleman class

  2. Line up where a 29th member instructs you to

  3. Don't grief, this will result in a ban from 29th servers

  4. Refrain from using voice commands, firing your weapon, and bashing the ground so everyone can hear the brief.

There are a few terms to remember

Live - The round has officially started when LIVE LIVE LIVE is called in chat, you may now shoot at enemies.

Match Mode - The state before live, this is when briefing will occur. Absolutely no firing during this state.

What it's Like

Your first public scrimmage might be a little intimidating at first, but it shouldn't be! I'll tell you what to expect.

After the map changes, everyone will go to the Ally team and grab the rifleman class. A 29th member will instruct the public players where to line up, and the 29th members will line up in a different area. A 29th member will introduce the concept of a public scrimmage, then briefly explain the unique rule set. This is when the scenario will be introduced (ex. the Allies are attacking the town of Carentan, and the Axis must defend it), weapon restrictions may be put in place (ex. 1 sniper, 1 sub-machine gunner or light, 3 squad machine gunners or heavies) and the starting positions will be set (ex. Allies start in the A cap, Axis in the F cap). Team leaders will be chosen from volunteer 29th members, and then team selection will occur. Sometimes this will be the "schoolyard" system where one player is picked at a time, and sometimes multiple people will be chosen at once. If you are selected to be on the Axis team you need to immediately switch teams and grab the rifleman class.

At this point roles will be assigned, following weapon restrictions if there are any in place. Your team leader may ask for volunteers for roles, or may say take what you want. Public players get first choice on guns, and if no public players want a gun a 29th member may take it. Always ensure to listen to your team leader so that you do not take an extra role that your team is not allowed. When all weapons are assigned your team leader will call "Weapons ready" and when both team leaders have said this match mode will start. The round will restart and you will probably respawn, but if you do not let a 29th member know and they will help you respawn.

Now your team leader will drop you and your team to your starting position. When you are dropped out and are lined back up for the briefing, you may be split into squads led by 29th members. It is absolutely imperative you listen to your team leader to know what your role during the round will be. There will always be a plan, whether it be to spread out and defend these buildings, or to flank to the west and hit the enemies in the rear. If in a squad, it is imperative you stay with your squad mates. This is to maximize a squads firepower and performance, as well as increase the overall realism of the experience. At this point if you see any enemies DO NOT SHOOT as live has not been called yet. Once both teams leaders call ready, match mode will be enabled.

This is the point at which you can shoot enemies. Remember to listen to your team leader and your squad leader, as a battle is very dynamic and you may need to retreat or re-position your defense or offense. If you see an enemy, call it out in team chat so your team mates know where he is, but don't talk too much, as there may be thirty-five players on your team and if even two talk at the same time things can get confusing. Remember your job at this point, if the team leader told you to sit back in the rear and be reserve don't creep up to the front, and if you are a support weapon try use it to its maximum capability.

When either all players on a team are dead or the objective has been completed the round will end and a victor will be called. Everyone will respawn back into their spawns and sorted back into their squads. Depending on how long the public scrimmage has been going on for, there may be more rounds. The typical public scrimmage lasts for 3-4 rounds. After the final round everyone will be asked to line up again, and a 29th member will debrief.

29th ID Rules

A full list of 29th ID server rules can be found at http://www.29th.org/about/server/ but the most relevant are-

  1. Keep the foul language to a minimum
    Our servers are a friendly environment open to players of all ages, genders and races. It may be a war videogame but it is a public server.
    Note: This applies to microphone, text chat, and player names.

  2. Use chat and VOIP responsibly
    Keep it game-related, do not spam or abuse these.

  3. Do not take weapon slots you are not familiar with
    Some maps require certain weapons/roles to be played fully for the team to stand a chance. Not having the role played effectively destroys that chance and ruins the fun for everyone on the team (especially on longer maps).

  4. Do not recruit for your own unit/clan in our servers
    This is a common courtesy among all clans and realism units; please respect it.

  5. Do not intentionally wound or kill your teammate
    Even if they did it to you first, or get in your way, or piss you off.

Breaking any of the 29th rules maybe result in a warning, kick, or a ban.

Conclusion and Schedule

Hope this guide has made your foray into realism an enjoyable and smooth one, and that you will consider expanding your realism experiences in more serious ways, like enlisting in the 29th Infantry Division. All server information can be found here.

Written by Cpl. Zenhenko
Edited by 2Lt. Fritz
Approved by Cpt. Walker


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