[Civil Affairs] New Facebook Page!

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Soldiers of the 29th Infantry Division!

We in Civil Affairs are proud to present a brand new Official Facebook Page for the 29th ID. Whilst a closed facebook group has been in existence for a of years; this new page will act as an information point for members of the public who wish to quickly view information and updates about our unit, being aimed particularly at attracting new recruits to our unit. The page will feature regular updates from Civil Affairs, 29th ID Youtube and 29th ID News, Promotions and Awards, including some excellent tutorial videos and the best our Combat Photographers have to offer. It would be extremely helpful if as many members as possible - both past and present - were to "like" the page in order for it to appear more often to more people with shared interests as us and thus to help the page reach as many potential new recruits and community members as possible!

The Brand New page can be found here: https://www.facebook.com/29thinfantrydivision/

Go on over and give the page and it's contents a browse and don't forget to like!

The old members only page is here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/47572027290/ simply request entry and an admin will confirm.

So members with facebook, what are you waiting for?

Ever Forward!


  • 29th, Let's go... Social!

    We couldn't stay behind, opening a new portal on social media was a must!

  • The Brand new page??

    In all seriousness though, this is pretty good! Be sure to invite all your friends!

  • We did hit 100 likes on our page! But that is only a quarter of our entire unit!
    Where are our social beasts? Hit that like button and spread the word!

  • Invite all your facebook friends! I know some of them might not understand the 29th but I invited all of mine and a few accepted the request and liked the page! :)

  • @T5 Lacey said:
    The Brand new page??

    I don't know what I expected when I clicked that link...

  • @PFC Warner said:
    The Brand new page??

    I knew what to expect =)

  • Don't be shy! Hit that like button on our page!
    Not only is it a nice place to meet, but also a great place of a collection of screenshots, videos, and historical images related to the 29th Infantry Division.

  • We are nearing the 200 likes on our page!
    Our unit's total strenght is around 400, so we're still lacking a few likes!

    The page is updated, almost daily, with nice screenshots, vids, game develoment, etc...
    Click that like button!

  • There are two groups that are regularly posted to.

    This one and this one...

    What ever shall we do?

  • @Sgt. Nelson The first link is the official public page, the second link is the official closed group for 29th-ers only

  • I don't Facebook so maybe I'm missing something but, why do we need two?

  • @CW3 Hill said:
    I don't Facebook so maybe I'm missing something but, why do we need two?

    Well one is 29ers only, sir, so we share links and stuff we find funny on Facebook. It's sort of like the forums but on facebook. It's good sometime, because in some places 29th forums are blocked (like at my college) so going on Facebook is a good alternative.
    The other page is a public page that shares pictures from drills and is basically a sort of recruitment tool.

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