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    After Action Report

    Operation Atavist - Elementary Recovery


    Overview map

    enter image description here

    Overall situation

    S1 was poisitioned at Point Zebra, Sheep and Falcon, under the command of Corporal Wilmore.
    S2 was positioned at Point Mule, Corona Hill, under the command of Corporal Meyberg.
    HQ was attached with S2 at Mule, at the Forward Operations Base.

    Action Report

    Squad One set up defensivly at point Zebra and Sheep. They put out forward positions at Falcon and south of Zebra, hill 363 aka Mountain Dew. Here they had a good coverage of the surroundings of the Unmanned Arial Vehicle and the general area of operations.

    Squad Two load up into two transport vehicles. The first vehicle drove directely to Mule, while the second vehicle dropped of the CP1 men at hill 250; aka Corona Hill. Both vehicles were stashed in the center of Mule.
    Squad two had forward posts on Corona Hill, north of Mule on Mike Blue and south of Mule on Mike Blue. There was a full coverage on a possible attack on the FOB.

    Within 10 minutes, first contact was spotted at Budweiser. Contact consited out of 2 men, most possible a sniper and his spotter. Contact remained in that area for quite the time. Fire discipline was held by Squad One, not giving away their own position. Only when the enemy sniper team continued their path alon hill Heineken, S1 Leadership withdrew their forward positions from Falcon back to Zebra.
    S1 called out more enemy contact near Heineken and Guiness, requesting to open fire from their own positions of Zebra and Sheep. Request was granted and a large firefight broke lose. Point Sheep came under heavy fire, including several impacts from grenade launchers. It was at this point Corporal Wilmore ordered the outposts south and west of Zebra to come back and fortify the defence.
    A machine gunner team returned fire upon the tower of Zebra, Corporal Wilmore personally redirected the fire of his machine gunner to supress the enemey. Unfortunatelly for him, Corporal Wilmore took a fatal hit before the enemy machine gunner was taken out by PFC Burg.
    The loss of Corporal Wilmore was broadcasted over the HQ radio line, and PFC Murray took over command.
    In the meanwhile, FSgt. Balzer broke his ankle from tripping down the tower at Zebra, and suffered from a concusion. He was unable to continue the fight. So was Private Robinson, he suffered from severe sickness (connection timed out).
    The firefight came to an end, with a total loss of 3 men from S1 and 4 confirmed enemy kills.

    It was clear that the enemy had to change their battleplan. We succesfully repelled their initial attack and they had to regroup.
    Soon, movement was spotted in between hill Guinnes and Corona. Forward outposts of S2 maintained fire discipline and only opened fire untill HQ ordered them. Their ambush was succesfull. The enemy sniper team was taken out.
    Soon afterwards, another small detachment of the enemy team attempted to move onto Mule from the north of Mike Blue. Again our forces on Corona were succesfull in holding them north of Mike Blue, taking down the spotted squad.

    In the meanwhile, Private van Gastel's radio broke down and he was left in the dark. He took initiative and moved out of his postion, on a flanking maneuver. He moved north to Falcon, around Heineken. He there took out another enemy contact and continued to the position where the enemy sniper team was taken out. He confirmed these kills.
    Although the outposts on Corona were warned of a friendly comming up, Private van Gastel came under friendly fire. He was taken out by a friendly shot of PFC Renaud.

    Again, a second attack was succesfully hold off, this time by Squad Two. They took no losses themself, but unfortunatelly took down Private van Gastel due to miscommunication.

    At this point, a loud bang disrupted the silence of the night. Enemy forces were able to sneak through our lines and exploded the UAV. It is quite clear that the came in from the West of Zbra. Most probably a large flanking maneuver from the road that leads to point Ant.
    Since Corporal Wilmore was taken out, PFC Murray did not send out men south of Zebra, back to guard the UAV. All of S1 except for Private van Gastel were in point Zebra itself.
    Due to this we lost valuable information of our surroundings and so we lost the UAV. After the load bang, enemy forces retreated West again. One of them made contact with the remaining forces of S1 in point Zebra and was taken out quickly.

    Since then, we lost all contact with enemy forces. A long silence began.
    S1 was ordered to retreat to Mountain Dew, and would then be ordered to pick position on Becks Hill, to fend of a possible enemy attack from the south on the FOB.
    But that attack never happened. As we fended of the two large attacks, one on Zebra and one on Mule, the enemy forces were decimated and scattered. They were not able to regroup and plan another attack on Mule.
    However they succesfully took out our UAV.

    Overall 29th losses

    • Corporal Wilmore - KIA
    • FSgt. Balzer - twisted ankle and concussion
    • Private van Gastel - KIA
    • PFC Des Bois - KIA
    • Private Robinson - concussion

    After Action Report

    Operation Atavist - BLUE NOTION


    Overview map

    Op Blu Notion AO Overview

    Overall situation

    29th Infantry Division, Charlie Company, Second Platoon was positioned at point Sierra.
    Primary mission is to destroy (3) communication towers, Code Named John Deere, Kubota and Yanmar. (2) Additional towers, Code Named Tecumseh and New Holland, flank the larger objective tower Yanmar. Objectives Tecumseh and New Holland are secondary targets. Destruction of the enemy forces that may be defending the towers is also secondary to the destruction of the (3) main target towers.

    Grey Actual = CP2 HQ: Sergeant Meyberg and Staff Sergeant Vandewalle
    Grey One = CP2S1 led by PFC Van Gastel
    Grey Two = CP2S2 led by PFC Sánta
    Grey Three = CP2S3 led by Corporal Wilmore

    Action Report

    04:10 Z 29 MAY 16
    Partly Cloudy. Light fog at low elevations. Steady, light wind from N.

    Phase One

    enter image description here

    Starting at Point Sierra; Grey One moved out using the A1-A3 waypoints to get towards Everready. At the very same moment, Grey Two moved up the Bravo waypoints up until B-3. From there, Grey Two informed a high concentration of enemy contact at Kubota, and that the enemy forces dug themselves in at said location. There were fortifications to the South and the South-East. Grey Two was tasked to hold at B-3.

    In the meanwhile, Grey One gave us a headcount on Kubato, confirming the fortification South and informing us about at least 7 men defending the Tower compound. Grey two confirmed enemy movement on Hill Duracell.

    Grey Three was tasked to continue their way-points up to A-4. Grey Two set up at Everready while Grey One continued their path to B-4, closing unseen on the enemy positions on Hill Duracell. While Gray Three continued moving West, Grey One's positions where compromised. A firefight broke out and all squads were to engage and carry-out their assault plan.

    Grey One took the most fire directed to them, but were able to come on top of the firefight thanks to the suppression fire of Grey Two at Everready. Grey two send out a Fireteam to Hill Duracell, splitting their forces to gain a bigger shooting range over point Kubota. Thanks to all this heavy suppression fire, the enemy forces had to duck in and keep their heas down. The enemy forces were unaware of the assault from the West by Grey Three. Grey Three came in very close to the compound unseen, and was able to sweep in from the West. The enemy forces had to retreat from the compound, to the rock formation north of the compound. While Grey One and Two continued their suppression fire and movement up north-east, Grey Three was able to successfully take down the objective at Kubota.

    Under heavy resistance, Grey Three was tasked to immediately leave the area of Kubota and retreat west to hill 184. From their they had to move South, back to point Sierra.

    All squads disengaged contact and regrouped at point Sierra, getting ready for phase two.

    Summary of Phase One

    • Primary Objective: COMPLETED
    • 5 confirmed kills
    • 3 losses
    • 40 minutes passed

    Phase Two

    enter image description here

    After the withdrawal of combat in the north, all squads were to regroup at point Sierra. From there on, we would get ourselves ready for the assault on the compound of Yanmar, trying to take out our next primary and secondary objectives.

    Grey One was tasked with guiding the platoon through the way-points to C-3. From there on they were tasked to continue together with Grey Three to C-4 and to hold said position until Grey Two engaged the opposition. Grey Two was tasked to set up at the ridge line of Optima.

    As Grey Two was setting up on the ridge line. Grey One reported multiple contacts on the East of their position. A firefight broke lose and Grey One was engaged from east and west. Both units stumbled into each other and both units took casualties pretty even.
    Confusion rose as the enemy forces carried out a pincer move, attacking Grey Two in the rear. Due to this firefight, Grey Three was able to continue their way through C-5 and move up onto the compound of Yanmar. By then, Grey Two was entirely wiped from the ridge line by a small enemy fire team, that carried out an excellent pincer move. This counter-attack was unforeseen, and costed us allot of lives. Our friendly forces were even more crippled when Grey One was eliminated as well as they were attack from the rear by the enemy flanking elements. A very well carried out counter attack costed us two squads.

    Grey Three was able to continue their attack plan and clear out the compound of Yanmar. They placed their demolitions charge on the primary objective and withdrew to the West. As the tower went down, the enemy flanking element at ridge Optima was alerted and started moving their way up north. Soon, contact was made and a exchange of fire and killing happened. Due to poor spacing multiple soldiers died by single grenade explosions.

    Eventually the 29th took the upper hand in the fight, and was able to elimante direct contact and to disengage from further contact south and nort east of them.
    Grey Actual (Sgt. Meyberg) was crippled down to only himself and 3 enlisted men. Not only were they crippled in manpower, they also had barely any equipment left. With no demolitions charges left, they moved up north, in the direction of point Romeo.

    Summary of Phase One

    • Primary Objective: COMPLETED
    • Secondary Objetives: FAILED
    • 15 confirmed kills
    • 23 losses
    • 95 minutes passed

    Phase Three

    enter image description here

    With a minimal of firepower and equipment, Grey Actual moved north to Point Romeo. They kept out of the sight of enemy troops South and North East at point Yanmar. As they continued moving towards point Romeo, enemy forces continued searching in the forest south. 29th equipment and radio's were compromised.

    Grey Actual regrouped at hill 164, west of point Romeo. From there they further continued north, through the forest. At this point, all enemy forces retreated to John Deere, to fortify their position and last objective. With the lack of firepower and equipment, Grey Actual decided to withdraw from battle and consolidate his forces at Hill 167, east of Romeo.

    The battle concluded, resulting in heavy losses on the 29th side.

    Summary of Phase Three

    • Primary Objective: FAILED
    • 0 confirmed kills
    • 0 losses
    • 115 minutes passed

    Overall Summary

    • Primary Objective Kubota: COMPLETED
    • Primary Objective Yanmar: COMPLETED
    • Primary Objective John Deere: FAILED
    • Secondary Objective Tecumseh: FAILED
    • Secondary Objective New Holland: FAILED

    • Overall 29th losses: 26

    • Overall enemy losses: 21


    Staff Sergeant Vandewalle
    Platoon Sergeant
    Charlie Company, Second Platoon

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