Eight Years of Service (Thimo R. Friesenhan)

Sgt. Ternby said:

T/5 Friesenhan s definitely a legend in the 29th. He's the single longest serving member in Baker, having joined the 29th all the way back in 09. During his time here he's proven time after time that he's one of the most skilled guys in the unit. Even though I've had him in my squad for more than 4 years now, he still never ceases to impress. His first AIT in the 29th was the Heavy, an AIT that he definitely holds dearly. He proved to be so good with that AIT that he was selected as one of the select few in 29th history to have received the Heavy Expert Badge. After that, he decided he wanted to try something new, so he Went with the CE AIT and yet again proved his Worth and showed that he was among the very best. After having received a sharpshooter with the CE AIT he's now decided that he yet again wants to try something new and has recently become an MG'er in BP1S4. He hasn't held the AIT for long, but has already proven his Worth. Once he's received his marksman with the MG, he holds a marksman badge (or above) for every squad-level AIT in Darkest Hour. During his career, the T/5 has received quite a few Awards. He has received 3 meritious unit citations, 3 bronze stars and 2 silvers stars to name a few. It really is an honor to have a 29th legend such as T/5 Friesenhan in my squad and I hope to see him stay for many years to come! He has currently been here for a total of EIGHT years, making him eligible for his SIXTEENTH AOCC and FOURTH Rainbow!! Congratulations T/5!


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