Three Years of Service (Tristen A. Speirs)

Sgt. Robles said:

So, there's this guy -- this dude -- who has apparently made it to three years of service in the unit. I can't think of his name right now, but I know for sure anyone who sticks around that long is a nerd. Trust me, I know first hand. I mean, who would stick around for more than one day? Not this guy apparently. Actually, I think I remember his name now. That's right! His name is T/4 Speris! Yeah, this guy...well...he's the man. Not only is he a memer, but he's also a level 63 nerd who plays Path of Exile. Also, despite being reformed, he got perma-banned from LoL. What a guy -- am I right? All jokes aside, T/4 Speirs has been one of my oldest friends in the unit. He was the very first person I started talking to in the unit and am glad to have known him as long as I've had. Three years is nothing to dismiss (although it would be longer if he didn't HD). I am glad that you've stuck around man. Congrats on your 6th AoCC my guy. Here's to the many more memes I expect from you in the future (and not dead ones)!


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