In Memoriam: Jeffrey Hauser



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    Rest in Peace, T/4 Hauser.

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    May the ground be light to you T/4.

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    They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old:
    Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.
    At the going down of the sun and in the morning
    We will remember them.


  • Rest in Peace T/4 Hauser. Hearts and minds go out to the entire Charlie Company, and the entire 29th. Hopefully he's smiling in the stars.


  • Rest in peace, T/4.


  • This is one of the saddest days in 29th. Rest in peace T/4 Hauser.

  • In the halls of Valhalla, where the brave shall live forever.


  • may he rest in peace.


  • Rest in peace, T/4 Hauser!


  • Over the past few days after hearing about this, I've been beating myself up on what could suffice to be something that I could just type and get this whole situation off of my shoulders, try to forget that this ever even happened. Tucking it away in the back of my mind to just let it simmer is no longer a choice, so I've just decided to be upfront. It feels like just yesterday, even as I type out this text that I can remember him in his training platoon -"So shiny, so green!" as an old Squad Leader of mine used to word it. He stood out almost like a gem in the rough, doing everything that was asked without a second thought. In truth, I saw a bit of myself in him, in you, Hauser, that's a feeling, a moment, that I still can't ever shake from my memory. As soon as he was able, I took him under my wing in Lighthouse as an ADI, while at the same exact time, I was blessed enough to have him as a member of my squad. Once he was in both my squad, and an ADI, he took everything we threw at him with a joy that could never be recreated. With every single mission, every single task, not only would Hauser land on both feet; Hauser would hit the ground running, and somehow manage to take out half of your squad before you could even get your bearings. It almost begun to feel like a routine with him, every single Training Platoon, he was there, present and although sometimes doubting himself, did every task asked. With every single drill, his name at the top of the leaderboards, to the point where giving him praise became a habit. I can still remember all of our talks between just you and I after every single training platoon, always asking about how he could improve, and wanting to help spread his knowledge further. It was because of all of this that I wanted to teach Hauser everything that I knew about BCT, whatever he wanted to accomplish, I wanted to be the one there to help him and teach him as much as I could. When my first tour ended, it felt like yours was only just beginning, your passion, drive, for the 29th was one that even stunted myself back in my prime, so I knew I was leaving my Drill Team, as well as my squad in good hands (Looking at you, PFC Vos). I can still remember how proud I was once I was gone to see that Drill Instructor badge pinned on your uniform, it still makes me smile a bit just thinking about it.

    You're gone now, and all of that's in the past. If I could tell you one last thing, its that I'm sorry. You'd show me everything that I taught you, but you taught me much more than you could've ever thought. You were always there whenever I needed someone to talk to, being one of the only people I actively kept up with once I was gone, though I'm sorry for never being in contact more. I hope you could forgive me for not being a better friend, a friend to you I truly should've been. I almost broke down when we had to do CORDS... reminded me of all the time I had to spend teaching you it, now I'm only wishing I could have that day back.

    I had promised myself months ago to never portray myself like this again, though for you Hauser, I had to make a special exception. I'm graciously awaiting the day that I get to see you again, though know that you will be missed, and never, ever, forgotten. I will carry your name till our next meeting, until then, rest easy, and best wishes with your family, brother.

    Rest in Peace T/4 Hauser


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    I sat in on his BCT... He was quite the hustler, indeed. Fine words, PFC Gillam.

    Glad you felt something in our CORDS display - I was hoping folks would take the time to think deeply about life as they fired into the heavens.

    Ever forward!

  • Never had the opportunity to meet him, but he seems like a really nice person. Sad I won't have a chance anymore.
    My condolences to the family.
    Rest in Peace, T/4.


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    Posting on behalf of T/5 Schuurman he sends his condolences and a quote:

    "the 29th is a second family. Losing one of our own is never easy. I look at this place as if It was my family in the Us army and i'll say what we will say too one another. Until we regroup brother guard the road we know not eternal rest forever forward until we regroup."

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    No words can describe how sad we are.

    Personally, I've never met him in my 29th career, but always saw and heard good things about him.

    Condolences to his family.

    May your Soul Rest in Peace!

    We will meet you up there some day.


  • The sting of your loss is still with me brother, RIP.


  • I miss him and am saddened beyond words.

    "They went with songs to the battle, they were young,
    Straight of limb, true of eye, steady and aglow.
    They were staunch to the end against odds uncounted,
    They fell with their faces to the foe.
    We will remember them."

  • Posting on this thread several months later, and for a second time, may seem overly dramatic to some, but frankly to hell with them. I guess part of my way of coping when I feel that sudden pang of sadness, that sort of tight feeling in your throat when you want to speak a name, hear a voice, or talk to someone, but you can't, is to write what I'm feeling down. Normally, when I get that feeling, when I swear in my mind that I can hear him or Morse laughing at me during drills, or teaching me how to install a new OS on my computer, showing me the ropes of Elite Dangerous or losing it while playing Hearts of Iron all the while shouting about "The Great Shammy Whammy Empire" as me and Morse called it, I still message them sometimes, feel a pang of guilt at the unanswered messages to play Hearts of Iron from Morse shortly before we lost him, or feel the joy of getting Hauser back, again, only to be crushed a third time, this time for good, I'll send them a quick steam message and pretend they'll read it one day, wish them well up there and tell them I can't wait to play HOI4 or Elite Dangerous again some day. But sometimes it feels futile, after all it ultimately is, but tonight I felt like I needed to vent. This is the only way I know how, and to those who would read this (probably not very many people if anyone, after all this thread is half a year old) and think that I'm being over dramatic, or that "It's just someone over the internet" you're entirely wrong, I felt this loss the same way I would feel the loss of any of my other close friends, still do, probably will for a long time.

  • Right there with you, PFC. Maybe not to the same degree that you are experiencing, but I think of him every day when I scan my friend's list and wish that he was still around. He was legit the friendliest guy I've met in the 29th. Goofy as hell too, but he still got the job done. His drive made me proud. I always felt like I was jumping the COC by being so buddy buddy with him, but it really paid off with a great friendship.

    Your words hit me hard. Chin up, ever forward!

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