Four Years and Six Months of Service (Grant P. Gillespie) 

Cpl. Furie said:

PFC Gillespie is a veteran member of the 29th, this being his 9th AOCC. And what can't be said about the guy. He's reliable, attends almost every drill, and may just be a core component of the glue that holds S2 together. Recently he become our squads crewman, and ever since we have had a daily reminder of which drills have tanks and which do not. All the man wants is a giant canon that goes boom, and after 4 and half years I think he just might deserve it. As long as he is around we will continue to stick him into the big metal beasts that go BOOM. I hope that our enemies will continue to fear that fatal sound for another 4 and half years, see you at your 18th AOCC Gill!


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