Badge (Patrik Ceglar)

PFC Baron said:

T/4 Ceglar has been a machine gunner since 2010, dropping it briefly but picking it back up again in 2016. He hasn't let go of the AIT since and changing from a M1919 to a M240 only increased his deadliness. He has always been a skilled AR, good positioning for firing becoming second nature, always accurate bullet count, excellent sustained fire and quick relocation with an eagle's eye that would allow the T/4 to duel enemy marksmen on many occasions. Even in CQC he isn't afraid to enter a building with certainty that he will leave unharmed, unlike the defenders. This list could go on and on but we all know T/4 Ceglar, he is as deadly with a pen as he is with an AR. Congratulations on your AR Sharpshooter badge!


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