Badge (Nicholas M. Hussey)

Cpl. Gibson said:

Cpl. Hussey is a real swell guy. He is a hard worker, is always on trying to pub and get other members to better themselves alongside himself, and is always very optimistic. However, he has also developed into quite the crewman. Not only has his aim and operation of the wide variety of vehicles improved, but so have his instincts, positioning, and knowledge. While he may not be the best crewman in the 29th, he strives to help make the best. He has made it his goal to help crewman in our own squad and others. He shares his ever growing knowledge and seeks to share it with those he can. It is for this that I believe most qualifies him for his Crewman Marksman Badge. So congrats Cpl. Hussey on finally getting this one. Don't get complacent. Keeping improving, learning, and teaching. Hopefully many more of these will be given out thanks to you.


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