One Year and Six Months of Service (Sondre Audunhus)

Sgt. Andersson said:

PFC Audunhus should be someone that privates look up to. He joined Easy company as a private and chose to aim for the sniper position, even though he knew it would be a long and sometimes ungrateful path. Being a sniper has always been a big deal in the platoons I have served, and becoming one in as short time as Audunhus has been very rare in the past. No matter what happens, I hope we can always look at Audunhus to see what dedication and skill is required of the position, and for him to act as a model, reminding us of the standards of this platoon. In EP1, no one should be promoted to PFC without earning it, and no one should get the sniper position without dedication, skill and hard work. PFC Audunhus is a living example of this, and I hope he continues to do so for a long time ahead. Congratulations to your 3rd AOCC, PFC.


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