Badge (Aristidi L. Deb) 

Cpl. Brenholen said:

I have known PFC Deb since his very first day but also before that when I saw him playing RS2 on our server. I saw that if we could have him in the 29th on our team it would be a great addition to our ranks. I was not wrong. He surpasses a huge group of people in so many ways. His game sense is great, he performs way above average in every regard as a ASL. He is a great friend and works well with everyone in every game including Siege. What I did not mention is that he is also a successful recruiter. He just earned his Cab 3 totaling 10 recruits but most likely had to go through 3 times that to successfully recruit those 10. It is a tough job recruiting and requires dedication separate from that needed for the 29th. Congratulations, PFC Deb, on your achievements, and I know your going places in the 29th. Your hard work will always be noticed. It will get you to the places you want to be.


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