Four Years of Service (Hung D. Thomas)

@“Sgt. Warner” said:

"Oh Tommy, Sweet Tommy. 4 years of late night bliss. Up all night for 29th joy and shenanigans. I honestly still think of Tommy as a new guy. He joined 4 months after me, yet he's got a year on me in the 29th. His commitment is enduring and endearing all in one. Endearing because I may have heard him tell more than a few members of Charlie that he loves them, including myself. While I know he's saying it in semi-jest, I know he has a brotherly bond with his squad and many members of Charlie at large. Today, we return that brotherly love and commend PFC Thomas on his 4 years of commitment to the 29th. Enjoy the taste of that double rainbow, my friend. You earned it!"


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