Two Years of Service (Anthony R. Hardy) 

SSgt. Butler said:

One of my first memories of my current tour of the 29th was attending a ZeuSaturday mission alongside 2Lt. Kear and a certain Pvt. Hardy. What struck me about this Pvt., was that he was leading a team of PFC's, NCO's and officers with considerable ease, given his experience level. I thought to myself, this guy is probably going places. And lo and behold, here he is today after many ups and downs, an NCO and ASL. Cpl. Hardy had his share of challenges in getting where he is today, but he gritted his teeth and powered through them all, only to come out stronger than before. For this, he will always have my respect.

Corporal, it's now been two whole years since that ZeuSaturday and as such, it is my pleasure to award you your 4th AOCC and 1st WWIVM. Congratulations.


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