Award (Olaf A. Baron)

1Lt. Dashwood said:

During the company drill of 02nd of June, PFC Baron was tasked with the defence of an immobile tank. During this defence, through effective enemy fire & manoeuvre, PFC Baron found himself alone with the tank crew. PFC Baron ran a 360 defence of a fixed position while communicating with his armoured colleagues, his choice of building allowed him to provide effective suppression of a superior force thus preventing said force from having free and easy access to the vulnerable sides of the tank. In doing so, he was not only able to secure a few kills but was able to run down the clock and force the attackers to engage in risky shots and manoeuvres. By doing this, PFC Baron was able to secure the only victory for defence of any of the platoons that drill.

For his soldiering and ultimate sacrifice under fire, HQ are happy to award PFC Baron the Purple Heart, congratulations PFC!


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