Nine Years of Service (Mark A. Minor) 

Cpl. Newton said:

Sgt. Minor has been my SL for about a year and a half now. Over that time, the squad has changed a lot, but Sgt. Minor has remained unwavering at it’s head. He’s seen the squad through a lot over this time, through its ups and its downs he’s always been a felt presence for the better. He’s always ready for new ideas and strategies the squad may have cooked up, and he has the experience to know how to fold them into his plans. The AITs in S2 are some of the best in the platoon because Sgt. Minor has kept a stable environment for them to grow, and an open enough one to let them make their own decisions. S2 has been a breeding ground for skilled players and skilled leadership alike that have since gone on to leave S2 and better the rest of the platoon. Sgt. Minor’s presence may not be flashy, but he knows how to grow a squad, and good squad members. For that, I’m happy that he’s my SL. Here’s to another 6 months Sgt!


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