Badge (Thimo R. Friesenhan)

Sgt. Miochevich said:

T/5 Friesenhan is a person who needs no special introduction in DP1, and I might say even the whole unit. After all, few of us reach almost 10 years of consecutive service with distinction, and with this alone, T/5 Friesenhan has shown a special dedication to this unit and us all. He is a person that we in DP1S2 can always rely on, whether to provide good advice, excellent callouts and reports, or just to kill - something that he's a bit too good at. In addition to all this, T/5 Friesenhan has displayed that he has a talent for recruiting by managing to bring two recruits to the unit, which is an accomplishment we should all strive for, and something that must be applauded and recognised. With that in mind, I am very happy to award T/5 Friesenhan with his first Combat Action Badge, in the hope that there will be more coming down the line. Congratulations, T/5, and thank you!


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