Ten Years and Six Months of Service (Daniel A. Balzer)

Cpt. Hill said:
After twenty AOCCs with well thought-out write-ups, accolades, and due praise you'd think it would get harder to mention new items that would be worthy of another write-up. Well, you'd be correct. I will say just one thing though, FSgt. makes this Company what it is, period. Okay, one more thing, FSgt.'s sticky fingers are all over the 29th as a whole. When you've been in for as long as he has you can't help but get things sticky. Thanks for getting our things sticky FSgt.

Ten years and six months of service; what do you want? A medal or something? Sure, fine; here's your medal. Congratulations on your *twenty first* AOCC and ten and a half years of service. Now, get back to work making things sticky.


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