Four Years of Service (Patryk Borkowski)

Sgt. van Dongen said:

Cpl. Borkowski is one kind of a polak. When I joined the unit he was a big PFC who showed me the way around. In my entire time in the squad the Cpl. helped me in leading the squad. Without his help my job would have been much harder. When he enlisted into Easy Company I was relieved. After getting used to the game I was happy to have him assigned as ASL. His dedication to getting better in every aspect has led the squad to climb higher steps both on and off the field. Not only is it great to have him around in the squad because of his hard work he is also a great addition to squad comradery. He's been in the unit for a whole 4 years now and finally get's his double rainbow. Congrats Cpl, stay for many more to come!


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