One Year of Service (Mike Gingras)

Cpl. Nguyen said:

When I guided Rec. Gingras [1100TP] through BCT I didn’t think that he would become such a vital member to our squad. However, fast forward one year later, PFC Gingras has accomplished so much and helped us achieved countless victories with his machine-gun and sometimes even carried the team with his flying skills. Minus that one time he annihilated me with his MG during an Arma 3 mission while we were on the same team. PFC Gingras is quite chill and he does not hesitate to mentor newer members to the squad and charm them with his amiable personality. He, along with PFC J. Lee, even had the first-ever DP2S2 meetup! In all, I feel very lucky to have PFC Gingras in my squad and hope that no matter what comes in his life, he can always find a home here in DP2S2.


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