Destiny 2

Since I'd rather not necro an ancient thread, here's a new one.

With the release of Destiny 2: New Light on Steam (Making the game and its first two expansions free to play), a bunch of 29thers have picked up the game and have been playing it a lot. While we've had a fairly consistent team playing together, it became clear on Wednesday when we were building a group to do a raid that we actually had even more people interested in playing than we thought.

We have an "official" 29th clan set up that anyone is welcome to join. You'll just need to find someone with the ability to invite you (I know I can if that's easiest). We ran Leviathan twice this week and are on the lookout for people who are interested in doing more raids and other content. It's a ton of fun to play such a cooperative game with 29th members since we're already on the ball with coordination and communication, so I look forward to seeing more of you involved in the festivities.

Don't feel obligated to join the clan or play with us, but know that we're here if you decide to.


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    Having played D1 & D2 from launch, if anyone needs a Sherpa for any of the raids (apart from the new one as not had a chance to run it yet) or a helping hand for any PVP/PVE challenges, please feel free to message/ add me on Steam if you have't already, I can usually get on Destiny to lend a hand at the weekends.

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