Nine Years and Six Months of Service (Kevin E. Frank)

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Cpl. Robertson said:

When looking through T/4 Frank's Service Record, It clear that he is hardworking, caring, and tenacious. He started back when Charlie Company was wearing matching sandals, carrying the gladius, and the AIT holders used spears and horses… A lot has changed since then; the pixels have improved; you can turn your head independently from where your rifle is pointing; the uniforms are more modern, and the terrain has more movement. The things that have not changed is T/4 Frank is still a hard-charging, reliable, caring, tactician of the game, and we are glad to have him as part of 3rd Squad, Thank you, T/4 Frank, for all your service over the past 9 and a half years; Congratulations on your 19th AoCC; and we look forward to awarding you many, many, more.


  • Well earned, Sarge! I will be there for your 20th

  • Congrats T/4!

  • Congratulations T/4!
    Good to still have you with us!

  • Congrats Sarge!!

  • Congratulations T/4 Frank!

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    Nine and a half years of Frank.
    Uh... I think I have said it all before?
    I will recycle my post from 10 Nov 2013(it mostly applies, sub T/4 for Cpl. :))

    Then TSgt. Balzer Said:

    Cpl. Frank is:
    Not a fan of people, any of them.
    Intolerant of those that do not fit his idea of "capable".
    Angry whenever anything does not go his way.
    Angry for a bunch of other reasons too.
    Not a friend to ignorant folks.
    Intolerant of fools.
    Really good at shooting things in video games, really supportive of his teammates, gracious in victory and defeat(though you can feel him holding back in the latter), slightly humorous, blah blah blah.

    Ok, we'll keep him.

  • In the many years I've known this man, I've taken away many things.

    I've never seen a finer pair of shoes.

    Cookies are sometimes overrated.

    "What're you eating?"

    "How dare you"

    "HEY it's not MY country."

    "Canadians are weird."

    And a tv/movie recommendation list as long as my leg of which I've seen too few.

    Frankly my dear, you're the best.

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