Concerning the so called benefits of spending time in a forest

This is a link to a video about some tree fundraiser going on that's for a good cause apparently. :/ Either way, it talks about health benefits when spending time in a forest, but how come there are people who continue to damage themselves in this type of location? After all, these so called benefits are only meant to HELP, but not completely remove one's issues. However, I'd like to hear your guys' thoughts on this topic of health benefits provided from the trees.


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    Here is another video on the topic. I believe that the planet will be better if we planted trees. We use up so many resources from the planet; I see no issue with giving back.

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    @Pvt. Boon said:

    how come there are people who continue to damage themselves in this type of location?

    What exactly are you referring to here?

  • One example is the Forbidden Forest in Japan. @Cpl. Tilley

  • That's because people go there to commit suicide, not because it's a forest. Correlation=/=causation. There's a lot of reasons for people in Japan to commit suicide, but being in a forest is not one of them. Forests are a necessary part of a health ecosystem, and there are no negative health impacts from having more forests.

  • Regarding the fundation or this "#TeamTrees", it's pure scamm. Well I guess it's obvious considering multiple corrupted organisation of this kind. For 1 USD you can buy 10 one years old, mycorrhizaed seedlings of spruce/pine. By that, real cost of plating 20mln trees decrease to 2mln USD. There is another question where they want to plant these trees? So better spend some cash and plant trees/bushes/flowers what you like, if you can of course. From the other side, since 1945, Poland increased the forest cover from roughly 20% (including border change, with more farmlands than forests and war destruction) to 30% following current year. State Forests is planting slightly more above 500 milions plants yearly on surface of 7,6 mln ha. The ratio is including chopped trees and to make more trees get the grown age than wither plants in meantime, so tendecy is growing. So imagine that country of size of New Mexico has forest cover equivalent to size of Indiana, made by decades of hard work. I'm pretty sure that half of this plants going to be wasted.

    As T5 Gillespie mentioned correlation =/= causation. Objectively saying it's better to "damage yourself" in forest than jumping in front of the train or off the roof. Cause less damage, less harm to other people. Might sound silly but it's reality.

    Planting more trees without reducing other negatives of modern civilisation is pointless. If you will keep polluting water and air, conditions of these trees will be weaker. They surely help after all, but other actions must be taken.

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    With all due respect T/4, it's a well reputed charity that has been doing what it does since the 1950's. The "1 dollar = 1 tree" is likely just a marketing slogan to be honest, they likely plant more than that.

    Even if it isn't, a lot of money probably goes to securing the land to plant the trees on, transport, snacks for the volunteers, etc.
    Charities are known to spend the money... less efficiently than what might be wanted, but calling it a scam is really harsh, needlessly so.

  • I have very limited trust to non-profit organisation Pvt. They tend to abuse accumulated funds. I don't like speding money advisedly. That's all, time will prove if I was right or wrong.

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    @T4 Stachurski said:

    They tend to abuse accumulated funds.

    Care to back that assertion with evidence? That the majority of non-profits abuse funds?

    In Canada we have a number of laws and legislation regarding charities. It doubtless varies nation to nation so such a grand assumption strikes me as inaccurate to say the least.

    That being said it's always worthwhile to do the research before putting your money into something. Look for top rated charities in your country that have demonstrable fundraising efficiency, charity efficiency and social results transparency. In Canada the Nature Conservancy Canada, Bruce Trail Conservancy, Ecotrust Canada, Canadian Parks and Wilderness, and the David Suzuki Foundation are all high scoring in these fields.

  • SO literally taking 3 mins and searching reveals Team Trees is the marketing slogan organized to raise money for the Arbor Day Foundation. Here is the information on them regarding their accountability and transparency as well as financial score. They have the same score as the American Red Cross.

  • @2Lt. Bergstrom [Ret.] said:

    That being said it's always worthwhile to do the research before putting your money into something.

    This would be the best conclusion.

    Chief of one of our bigest fundation (Wielka Orkiestra Świątecznej Pomocy) is abusing funds on himself and his co-workers, promoting himself in media. Multiple other minor fundations are cheating on people as well. I don't like comparing mentality and lifestyle of people from other side of the globe, but If bigger money is in pool the bigger temptation arise.

  • @T5 Gillespie Oh what just annoyed me about that aforementioned video is that it only mentioned all the happy things of spending time in a forest. I think it would be nice for that video to briefly mention that it's not always a happy place to be in, because unfortunately people, not limited to Japan, end their lives there. I don't mean the forest causes people to commit suicide, just that people aren't always happy there.

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