Three Years of Service (Chan Ho Bae)

Sgt. Vos said:

PFC Bae is the type of guy that like to play games. Not only with you or about you, but against you. He is well versed. He pours countless hours into studying, practicing, and ultimately mastering almost all things in arma; and it shows. As First Platoon's Clerk he is doing a outstanding job, again putting countless hours into making everything run smoothly for all of us. Now, we have seen PFC Bae grow from a wee-child within Charlie into a middle age family man (not literal) with kids (us), giving advice, teaching newcomers how to do things, and providing a good charlie experience for everyone; unless your on the receiving end of his punishment stick, know as ammo type M855A1. None the less we appreciate your 3 years of service. I'm betting we can get 3 more.


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