Badge (Joseph E. Gunn) 

Sgt. Minor said:

PFC Gunn has shown excellent skills when operating any vehicle, on the ground or the air. He has been a wonderful crewman in the squad along side T/5 Gill allowing both the Squad and the Platoon to have a crew with top notch communication skills and combat capability. PFC Gunn is also an excellent teacher to the uninitiated to vehicles, any time I ever get to pub with him, I learn something new about what I am fighting in or against. PFC is also a fair man, allowing those he works with an equal chance to drive, gun, and command. PFC Gunn is no slouch to his rifleman skills either, presenting a highly efficient approach to urban combat whenever the enemy makes the poor mistake of taking his toys away. You're a dang good crewman PFC Gunn. Keep it up.


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