Badge (McLean G. Burlock) 

Sgt. Furie said:

PFC Burlock has been around S1 for a bit of time now, he is quite the character. There are two sides to PFC Burlock, and that is PFC Burlock with Timmies and PFC Burlock without Timmies. If he asks if he has time for Timmies the answer is generally no.....but then you wouldn't like him without the Timmies. Just let them man get his Timmies. Recently he has started working on popping grenades in buildings, and giving people tinnitus while simultaneously killing them. Quite the way to go. With the scrim upcoming he has been working hard on finding spots in which our grenadiers can win the rounds. For all his hard work in practicing with his grenadier class we have decided to award him his Grenadier Marksman Badge. Congrats PFC Burlock, go get yourself a Timmies mate!


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